Wednesday, February 23, 2011

UPDATE: I GOT MINE! Zippered green house only $20!!

UPDATE:  I went and picked one of these zippered babies up...they're not as big as the one at Lowe's...they're like 50" tall (2 shelves, I believe), but I went ahead and picked one up anyway.  I don't have a cold frame right now, and a hubs that probably wouldn't understand the concept of one anyway, it'll do for what I want.

I was at a Big Lots store yesterday and in the Lawn and Garden section (which, btw, is growing much bigger now that the growing season is fast approaching), and they had a zippered green house for only $20!! OMG!!  I didn't pick it up because I was in a major hurry, but I came home and looked online and it's not showing them having it!  So, apparently it can't be purchased online thru them.  If you have a Big Lots near you and have been wanting one (like me), you might want to swing by and see if they have one, if they do, snatch it up cuz it's not gonna be there long!  They're $58 at Lowe's, and look like the one in the pic!!

I would, however, MUCH rather have one of these beauts!!!  OH, can you iMAGine the wonders I could do with one of these babies?!  It would annoy my neighbor who thinks he has to mind my business to no end, what fun THAT would be, lol.  They're snap together green houses that can be purchased online at Lowe's website, and are between $700-$800 (which, personally, I don't think it's all that bad of a price), and they're 8'X6' and extensions can be added on to them later if you want them bigger. 

of course, if you live in an area that would allow it (city and/or county permits, zoning laws, sub. organizations, etc. tend to nix this idea), you can make your own out of some 2X4's, a few 4X4's and old windows and glass doors...they're so charming looking!  These would be much cheaper to build, and could use reclaimed lumber and windows and doors and such, which can be picked up sometimes for FREE on Craigslist, 3-5 bucks here and there at garage, barn, or estate sales, etc. THAT's what I'd RATHER have, but, as always, my idiot neighbor would have me in court until the end of time if I tried this...I'll wait until I have more time to deal with him to try it, lol (plus he's sick, maybe they'll move away or something and my yard will be my own again, lol).  If you make your own, you can add a rain barrel to the inside that takes water from the run-off of your green house to use to water your plants, add humidity and such (see pic w/blue barrel).

Isnt' this one beautiful? it looks SOOO easy to build, too...I'm aching to try it, truly I am!

While I was online at the Big Lots site, I saw these adorable metal pinwheel sprinklers...aren't they cute????  And they're only 2 bucks!!!  I can imagine exactly how they work, with the spinning motion.  I may just have to check them out to see if they'll work for my garden, I'm all about adoramous stuff in my garden *giggles*


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