Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A GREAT resource with a Cause!!

I want to thank my new friend, Mimi, over at Gardening in the Buroughs of NYC, for turning me onto this great new resource!  It's not NEW, per se, but it's new to me!  It's called Wintersown.Org!  This great organization shares their seeds, many variety if seeds, for a small donation and an SASE!  They are a non-profit organization, that is making growing your own veggies, herbs, and flowers more readily accessed and available to people, urban and rural.  Mimi had ordered oodles of seeds that she wanted to try her hand at sowing...she recently got her order in and WOW, for $5 she got aLOT of varieties of tomatoes, and a few other types of seeds.  This is a GREAT way to grow new varieties, either not readily available to you, or to use as a new online growing resource.  Thank you, Mimi!  Read Mimi's post where she shares her Wintersown.Org story and see the pics of all the great seeds she received!  I'm totally going to do this!! totally!  as in, gonna send my SASE and $5 within the day, lol. 

Another thing I'm gonna try is Wintersown's type of cataloging of their seeds.  Right now, I have a box w/dividers and such, and this is a good system, but I think I like this catalog type of system better.  Here's a pic of one of the catalog systems used by Witnersown:

Wintersown.Org also shows you various ways of growing seeds, shares ideas and such on how to do so by recycling and using the products that you have on-hand instead of purchasing expensive seed growing items and such.  They even share their treasured heirloom tomatoe seeds.  Larger orders can be requested.  Go here to see what varieties they carry, and how to place your order.  I sincerely suggest you do the $5 donation (or more) type of order...you're getting a LOT of seeds for just $5, and heirloom seeds, at that...they're TOtally worth that amount and more, even.  By dontating, you help them to continue to provide the seeds and help other gardeners, either old hands or newbies!
We sincerely appreciate your generous donation.
First six varieties ~ Free
$5 donation for
 a gift of 10 Varieties
(6 choices & 4 defaults)
(as stated on the Wintersown.Org site)
thanks again to Mimi for sharing this great resource in her home state, NY!!  Head over and check out her awesome gardening blog, 'Gardening in the Burroughs of NYC'!  I happened to stumble across it the other day and can't seem to pull myself away from it ever since!!  Especially if you're tired of this winter crap and in the mood for gardening, she'll definitely get your mind going and get you antsy for Spring!!

now, all I have to do is decide what seeds I want...ughh...gonna be a tough one!!


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