Monday, February 14, 2011

I've ordered my Heirloom Tomato seeds!

I posted the other day about a new blogger I found, Mimi, and how she's starting some winter sowing for the first time.  She also (and I subsequently) shared a linke to where, for a small donation of $5 and a SASE, you get to choose 6 plus 4 default tomato breed seeds (you'll receive at least 6 seeds, maybe a few more, depends on their stock) of 10 types of tomato seeds.  OH, I had such a hard time choosing!  I finally settled on these (hopefully they have them in stock...if not, they'll substitute with something to be a surprise!):

  1. Green Zebra - 3 oz fruit ripen to light green with dark green streaks
  2. Louisiana Pink - loads of round pink fruits, flavorful
  3. Legend - up to 1 lb frutis, Developed by Oregan St. University to be resistent to Blight, sweet, red
  4. Mister Stripey - 2-3 oz fruits ripen to red with yell stripes, tangy flavor
  5. Sunray - 3" fruits ripen to a golden orange
  6. Tomatilla Purple - ripens to purple, harvest with husks begin to break
  7. Tiny Tim - abundant, red cherries on dwarf plants, good to grow in containers
  8. Super Marmande - 6-7 oz fruits ripen to red, French heirloom seeds
  9. Sausage - extra long, 6" tapered fruits, meaty and fast producer
  10. Wild Card - this is left at their choice to be a surprise, will either be an heirloom or rare tomato seeds NOT listed for choice on their list
Don't these sound FUN????  my only problem?  I have NEVER had any luck beginning my plants indoors...I always forget the poor buggers,  :(   I'll will try  my best to treat them better this time around, lol


Nicole said...

I recently discover winter sowing. Well I read about it and would love to try it!

Debbie Hewitt said...

I'd like to try it too, Nicole. I'm so worried that I'll do something wrong, lol and I soooo hate seeing a seed or plant or seedling go to waste, tsk tsk

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