Thursday, March 22, 2012

The end is near? really? Haven't we been hearing that every decade??

Ok, so, as you can tell by this post's title, I'm not really one of those firm believers that the end of the world is gonna happen on 12-21-12.  I mean, seriously people???  The Mayans' calendar was just that, a calendar.  They couldn't keep it up forever, a round rock/boulder can only be so big to make hieroglyphs on to depict months, days, & years, a rock isn't endless (which is the material they used to build their calendar we're speaking of).  Did you ever think that maybe the dude making that calendar got tired of making it?  or maybe he went blind or got bitten by a jungle bug and died, or while chiseling 12-21-12, he chiseled his hand off and couldn't continue? or just got tired of missing all the great parties and food...and chicks??? lol seriously?  People are trying to say that a group of individuals hundreds of years ago said, 'hey...we need to stop this calendar.  Seems that we've figured out that there won't be any days AFTER 12-21-12.'?  right...whatever!!  The Mayans' descendants themselves state that it means NOTHING that the calendar ended, it just DID, it means nothing. And, btw, what about Leap Years??? ever think about that??? every 4 years we gain a day on the calendar to make up for the difference in the earth's rotation.  Granted, Leap Year has been around for a long while (all the way back to Roman times), but not before the Mayans made their calendar, so if you take that into consideration, then the world would've ended almost a full year ago...and we're still here, AND we still have a calendar (actually, I already have my 2013 calendar, so I already know that there's days after calendar says so, lol).  I do not believe, and no one will ever be able to convince me, that a person or a group of people could just up and say, 'the planet and survival on it as a whole, will cease to exist on such-and-such date.'  There's no way that could ever happen...ever.  Think about it in facts, not doomsday or prophecy standpoints.  Earth, a planet in our solar system.  HUGE ass mo-fo, right?  Yes, man (the deadliest creature to mankind on this planet, himself) has the capability to wreak major havoc upon the planet, essentially screwing up Mother Nature's ability to function correctly.  Outside of man, you have asteroids and meteors, the Sun, and other planets if the Earth or one of the other planets decided to knock off its trajectory course that it's settled into over the past billion years.  Don't even factor in weather, because this 'crazy' weather was occurring hundreds of years ago, and they were calling it 'crazy' then, too...the weather hasn't changed, it's just doing the same thing it's always done, it goes in cycles, it always has, and it always will, and besides, the weather won't be the end of the world.  Those are the facts.  Now, one of those would have to occur in order for the 'world' to cease to exist.  Most use 'end of the world' as an all inclusive statement to include 'end of times' as we know it, not necessarily the planet.  If THAT'S the case, then that just leaves a few of those facts.  Because we all know that if the Sun or a planet collides with Earth...poof, no more Earth and we wouldn't care less about a calendar, let alone if we stockpiled enough Ramen noodles to make us through to the next decade while in our basement shelter with only a non-flushing bucket as a toilet, lol.  Ok, so that leaves meteors, asteroids, and man to 'hurt' the earth, as well as EMPs or major flares from the Sun that can disrupt natural ways of Earth (and man).  The asteroids and meteors...they happen all the time, but in cataclysmic proportions?  no.  We hear talk about the one coming next year, 2013, but in theory, the world (or man) isn't gonna be around then anyway, so we won't even go there.  That leaves man and EMPs.  EMPs can disrupt the way of life, but the world won't end, and we'll definitely still need a calendar.  That leaves MAN.  When you REALLY think about it, I mean REALLY think about it, and hard, not just in fleeting thoughts, do you REALLY think that country A wants to bomb country B?  That they don't have their OWN scientists informing them that yes, where they will blow country B off the map and cripple them to their demise so they'll go away and leave them alone forever, that within less than 3 months, the demise of their own country will follow from the ramifications and consequences set forth by their own bombs?  Do you REALLY, deep down, REALLY think that they're that stupid?  No.  Peeps, they're not that stupid.  Yes, Bin Laden and Sadam Hussein were whack jobs, and a whack job could definitely blow us to smitherines, but did they get a chance to do it?  in small proportions, like 9-11, yes, but in nationwide proportions?  No....why?  because we're might, we're strong, and we're smart (our country, our spies and investigators, and such), we know when/if it's gonna happen, to what degree, we secretly and covertly know who has what kind of weapons and what/who they plan to use them on and when.  We hunt men down in the dead of night like the dogs they are, in pits in the ground, and drag them to their knees in front of God (Allah), their 'people,' and the rest of the world to face justice (in whatever form that ends up being).  And before anyone can say it, no, I'm not one of those people that 'believes everything my government says,' or thinks that 'my government will always be there to help.'  I've always worked for the government, state or federal, I know that they're only out for themselves, I know how they weed out the 'dead weight,' but I also know that they're smarter and up to so much more than some of the nation's craziest conspiracy theorists could imagine...don't ever assume anything about anything (assumption is the mother of all *screw* ups).  My point?  what was my point?  oh, right, the calendar and 12-21-12...not gonna happen.  It's just gonna be another day of Holiday shopping, cookie baking, and people going to/from will awaken on 12-22-12 to realize...there's only 3 days until Christmas!!  so, with that said, make sure your shopping and decorating is done, because when you wake up on 12-22-12 and realize everyone is still alive and well, and all is well with the world (as 'well' as it can be, anyway) and you've not gotten one gift yet, you're gonna be hurtin' for certain!

Disclaimer:  This was just me, rambling some thoughts...freedom of speech and all that jazz.  Feel free to chime in if you like.  Do YOU believe the 'end' will be on 12-21-12??

Monday, March 19, 2012

The new re-decorating of the front porch is coming right along!

No pics for ya yet, but soon.  Yesterday was a busy and tiring, and back breaking day!  We took EVERYTHING off the front porch (including the bird house that houses a very active nest, and has for several years, no worries, though, we put it right back a few hours later, lol we were getting spied upon by the residents and chirped at very loudly until it got replaced, lol), and set it ALL onto two huge tarps (it's muddy here in STL).  Then, the hubs began power washing, and the girls and I began painting.  ugh, painting wicker is a very tireless task that I do not wish on my worst neighbor....well, maybe my WORST one, lol.  Then, one pc at a time, I had it brought up to the porch and I personally placed the item, and not everything 'made the cut.'  The girls always have a bucket of water guns and a bucket of sidewalk chalk on the porch for a quick grab and! not anymore!! to the garden they went, no planters without strict guidelines on this newly decorated (and CLEAN) porch).  ooooooh, wait until you see it...I showed some 'sneak peak' pics to a couple of pals today and they were ooo-ing and ah-ing, lol.  The furniture is in place, now for the decorating, the fun part, but tedious, because I'm a thrifter, I'm not going to buy any of it unless I have to and unless I can get it for a good price.  PLUS, I'm making the pillow covers (burlap, remember our discussing this in a few posts back????).  Stay tuned hopefully sometime this week or weekend for the reveal pics!!

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'm going to front porch!!

I'm done, I'm tired of's old, it's drabby, blech!  So, this is the porch when we first moved in (I've reworked it a lot since then, this was basically within weeks of moving in, but it gives you an idea of the layout): (well, couldn't find the porch pic I wanted, you'll just have to get the idea from looking at it from the front): yes, it looks like a huge house, but trust me, once inside, you realize how small it really is, lol
Ignore the driveway part of the house, lol  I have nowhere else to put those gross trashcans,
but they've been moved to the very far corner at least, rather than in the middle like the pic shows.

We added this screened door to it, love the fretwork.  We like to have the air flow and smell the outdoors during pretty days, so this worked well! and the kitties seem to like it, lol

So, the low down on my porch is this: it's a half-wrap around, meaning it wraps to the side of the house and stops in the middle, with no outlet.  The only outlet is that front opening you see.  The width is not all that large.  I have white wicker dining chairs, one on each side of the door, then in that small part you see on the left, I have a tall wicker dining table.  I'd left the wicker dining table natural, but it's time for an update on that, too.  I had an iron rocking chair, and painted it white when we moved in, and I have an iron and glass coffee table set between that rocker and a white wicker rocker.  On the other side of that, are 2 white wicker arm chairs, behind one is an antique, heavy iron stool (painted and chippy, white).  And in that far corner that you see on the right, set IN the corner toward the front, is a green iron and glass bistro set (again, time for an update).  In the wrap around part, I have a vintage slat rocker, white iron (it doesn't have rockers on it, it's engineered that you can 'bounce' gently, which does the rocking), and an old wicker side table (natural).  In the middle somewhere, I have white wicker plant stand.  There you have it.  

With all that, it does look cluttered, but as you can see, the style of house makes it easy to decorate it in an older farmhouse or Victorian style, which is what I was doing.  So in all the seats are thick cushions and plump pillows, all from yardsales, mismatched, but within the same color scheme.  I have some throw/toss rugs to soften the concrete (which I want to PAINT, but the hubs is afraid that in the future when we go to sell, it will deter buyers,!).  Anyhoo...I have a bunny topiary on the wicker dining table (which is actually more like a larger bistro type table) that I got a yard sale for $4 and I LOVE, along with an adorable hydrangea wreath that my bestie made and didn't want anymore.  On the little coffee table, I have a gazing ball set on the back of a cherub, a glazed terra cotta planter with faux greenery, and a cheap teacup with lace doily runner. Ok, so now you know what my front porch looks's my plan...should be easy enough: make it NOT look like that, lol!

I've been scouring the net, mainly Pinterest (which you can follow me and my chic and shabby and cool boards) if you want, click the 'follow me on Pinterest' button on the right. I wanna do something !! ANYthing! The porch isn't very wide, which means I can't 'double' seating area like this:
topiary on the low white iron & glass table
but would LOVE to!  Oh, that step stool reminds me, I have 2 wicker and rattan woven step stools that I slide under the front of the chairs.

have bistro's green, think I'm gonna pt it white, I like this look
I think I'll paint my iron bistro set white, and move it into the wrap around part, then pull the old white iron rocker into that corner, that way, there's less wind, which usually blows away/knocks over anything I have setting on that table.

The color scheme on the cushions is always red, and the pillows I usually pick up for a buck or three at yard sales and thrifty shops, usually have reds in it, but have flowers or chintz or something, which I always find cozy.  When it's chilly or cold out, I have an old afghan tossed over the nearest wicker chair, which aids in the look of the comfy and softness, but I bring that in during spring and summer.

I like the sheers hanging down, wondering what it would look like on my porch....maybe!
I'd LOVE to put a chandelier up (even a small one), but I can hear my hubs complaining now, I'll stay away from that one.  The sheers...aren't they so soft looking?  I could do that, as well, but I wonder how often I'll have to launder them to keep them from mildewing or getting dirty and grimey from the wind and bugs and such?  Maybe just in that far left corner next to the walk (like in this pic)?

The hydrangea wreathe I have now, I have leaning from the wicker bistro table onto the wall, but I plan on using siding clips and hang it on that side, which I think will help make it homey, as well.

Porch sittin #Porch
I like the greenery this one has.  I try to do that, as well.  I have the resin wicker hanging baskets that I've put faux ferns that dangle (has to be faux, the house faces south, so much sun that not much will grow without lots of care and time), with faux pinkesh hydrangeas and...I forget the other flower.  I have one hanging from a chain between each white pillar in the center and bring them in during fall and winter.  I think I should add MORE greenery, like this one.  In the spring and early summer, my porch has LOTS of flowers and greenery on it, as that's where I keep all that 'goodness' prior to planting them around the grounds, and kind of ends up looking like this:

porchbut not in yellows, blech. More reds and pinks, and whites!

Since my porch faces out into the culdesac, it's not like we want to dine out there, we use the back deck for that, so a dining type seating area isn't needed, which is a big plus for decorating, I think.  Hmmm...what about a burlap, bleached muslin look?  with the cotton ticking for pillows and/or cushions?  maybe in the reds and pinks that you see?  Could easily be made from those types of dish towels, or those $5 remnants at Hancock Fabrics....hmmmm.  Still thinking aloud.  Any suggestions??

would LOVE to have this...
front porch

oh, AND, I want a new mailbox!!!  When we moved in over 6 yrs ago, there was one of those fugly plastic Rubbermaid type mailboxes, and everyone that knows me, knows that I would NOT like that...and I don't! I want a basic metal mailbox, on a pole, that I can drape flowers over, garland during Christmas, and such...and if you have one of those plastic Rubbermaid ones, then you know that there's no way to do ANY of that to it, ugh!

OMG, I think the ghost is GONE!!! Seriously!!

celebrations,floating,flying,ghosts,Halloween,occasions,web animations,web elements
So, after the ghost done that final shoving of books and stuff off the top of a box at my poor golden retriever, lol (who, btw, seems to have recovered completely from the trauma, lol), I've not sensed it, nor has ANYthing, literally, ANYTHING happened since.  Ok, I'm trying to remember, did I tell ya'll in my last post that the day the  box incident happened, I was researching things, cleansing rituals and such, and was jabbering to my pal Kelsey (over at Chic'n Savvy Reviews), and she stayed online with me the entire time I tried some, which also included the basic, bare bones 'you're dead. move along to where ever, even if you don't want to move toward the light, which will give you peace, at the very least, move on to my neighbor on that side of the house, he's a very hateful bastard and ya'll should get along quite well' lol, and said 'you're not welcome here, this is my home, you're freaking out my kids, but as you can see, they sleep soundly, so you don't scare them or me.'  Then, of course, Kelsey was on messenger and said 'say peanut butter and jelly so I know it's YOU and not the ghost possessing you' lol so I did.  Then less than 20 min later, the box thing happened, BUT, not before I'd set out no less than 5 very large quartz and smokey quartz, which had been basking in a bowl of pure salt for over 24 hrs (I wanted those suckers thoroughly cleansed, by golly, lol).  I put them in the living room, entryway, my desk/table, the kitchen, dining room, and bedrooms.  After that...nothing.  I'm remaining hopeful that it truly was a 'passing thru' ghost, who tend to do that to see if they can get attention, give fear, and just have fun doing it, and when the family stands up to them or doesn't wan to play along, they move on.  We truly haven't 'felt' anything in the house since that day, the 'oppressed' type feeling is gone, we're all more positive about just daily things, no one's paranoid anymore,'s a nice, peaceful feeling.  Although....we've STILL not found my youngest's iPod touch :(  I think it was a passing gift of a 'pissed off' ghost to hide it, ughh!  But by golly, we'll pay that price!  KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED FOR US!!

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