Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ya know, Martha's Home Depot ornaments aren't as pretty in person...

So, yesterday, my oldest was having a shitty bad day, so instead of making her wait 2 hours and right the school bus home (she's an 'early out'), I picked her up.  Normally, she'd just drive home, however, last week, a few unmentionable acts occured, to which she's not allowed to use her vehicle this entire week for pleasure or school, as a punishment.  I picked her up and we started home and I decided to pull into the Home Depot lot and check out Martha's new 'shatter proof' ornaments that Kevin Sharky helped display and show off the other day on the show (yeah, I know, I talk like I know them or something, rofl).  Anyhoo, the shitty bad day was my excuse, because I knew that as soon as we got home, she'd go upstairs to her computer and I wouldn't see her for the rest of the day.  It turns out, I was right, because she instantly saw a shiny hot guy that made her shitty bad day not so bad anymore.  So after pressing all the buttons to make the dry-snow globes play music, we checked out Martha's new Christmas ornament line, and I was horribly surprised.  I mean, Martha, seriously????  you approve of less than perfect workmanship such as that?  They're defintely NOT as shiny, NOT as pretty, NOT as precise with the detailed painting, and NOT something I would want to spend money on.  I know...sad, right???  I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

See?  don't these look like they'd be pretty?
Well, they weren't...actually, they looked a bit 'tacky,' believe it or not!
suppose to have glitter on the whites...not so much sparkle at all.
I had high hopes for those Tiffany Blue balls...blech, now that I saw them in person!

Now, the new Martha's Project Paint????? THAT is a comPLETEly different story!  We, of course, had to follow Shiny Guy around for a bit in the store (eh, it made her feel better, and it wasn't like I don't enjoy looking at fun project stuff in a hardware store, so I appeased her), so I headed for the paint aisles.  Now, Martha has paint, of course, gallons that you can buy, and now they have small 'sample' containers of the same paint that you can buy to see if it's what you want to use (or for small projects).  The lady pointed to where I asked, and she was giddy about them herself, lol and proceeded to give me the flyer of the the workshop that Home Depot is doing tomorrow night (Thursday, 11-10) around the US (participating Home Depots, times may vary by store) where they're going to do projects with Martha's Project Paint...I'm in!  I am SO going tomorrow night for this workshop.  Our's is from 6:30 - 8 pm, it's free, and you get to play with Martha's new paints!!!!  they have GLITTER paint...they have CRACKLE GLITTER paint! YESSSS, they DO!  They have her special paints that she likes to make her faux boui (or however she spells it) (fake wood) designs with.  She even has kits now that has the wood grain rocker in it ($5.99! seriously!) and other doo dads for projects. 

Ah, Martha, you surprise me sometimes...sometimes, eh, not so much! lol

Monday, November 7, 2011

UPDATED: Not ONE person better wish me a Happy Birthday!!!

That's not very nice, is it?  To not want to be wished 'happy birthday?'  The thing is, I didn't turn 30 easily.  I grew up fast, I made sure of it, but that didn't mean that I liked birthdays, and I don' own, that is.  I think I just hurt my husband's feelings because of this, and I'll have to go make amends for that, but don't you think that my wishes for my own birthday should mean something?  If ask 'no party' then I shouldn't have to endure a party in my own honor, one that I've been saying for over a year 'seriously, people, I mean it!'  If I ask, 'no gifts, I don't want anything for or on my birthday or anytime that is to celebrate the date of my birth this year' then I should have those wishes, don't you think?  I'll be celebrating the 2nd anniversary of my 39th birthday this year...tomorrow, actually, so you can figure out what age that is.  I do not want to be that age...I didn't want to be 30, so why the hell would I want to be 40???  I just caught my girls and hubs whispering under their breath to each other, and I know what that means...they have a prezzie or surprise that they're discussing or trying to hide.  I said, 'ya'll, I've been saying, I want NOTHING for my birthday except a normal day, and I mean it.  Do NOT wish me a Happy Birthday, do not give me a gift, don't even mention what the day is!'  I mean it so much, that even if my hubs comes in with a new $600 Coach bag, I'll be upset, not happy or surprised, but livid, to the point of pissed, because it's MY friggin birthday and those are my wishes!  I'm trying to save people money and the hassle of having to remember a birthday, to the point you don't even have to write it in your 'dates to remember' book, give it up already and take MY gift to YOU and forget about it....grrrrrrrrrr.  btw, thank you blogging bestie for my Bath and Body Works surprise package!! lol And all of this is probably why you had it sent to me LAST week instead of this week, lol  but I also know that you won't call, text, email, tweet, or blog me a 'happy birthday' tomorrow, lol  and THAT'S why you're my bloggin' bestie  ;)

Seriously, I can NOT be the only one in the world that feels this way.  Do ANY of you sympathize with me about this?  it's just so frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE:  yes, I went downstairs last night and the hubs had a gift...he brought it in from the car and it was a HUGE Coach gift bag, with a HUGE Coach gift box w/ribbon in side.  I instantly burst into tears, because I told him I wanted NOTHING, and if I wanted nothing, then I defintely wouldn't want him to spend hundreds of dollars on me for a bday I didn't want to celebrate when we have bills that need paid, and he knows these were my wishes.  Ya know what he said???? Those rules and wishes don't apply to husbands.  yep, that's what he said.  So, my wishes only matter when someone wants to abide by them, but not when they want to say it doesn't apply to them? He got me a lafge Coach Tartan that he ordered weeks ago and they had to get it from Detroit because no one in St. Louis carries it yet.  So how am I suppose to be mad at him for that?  So he said, 'happy Monday' when he gave it to me....ok, well, tomorrow's Wednesday, wtf am I gonna get for THAT day??? lol

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