Sunday, August 14, 2016

Life has changed DRASTICALLY over the past couple of years!

I know, it's been a very long time.  I'm sorry for that.  Where should I even begin?!  Here's a start...I saved some money and was able to buy a house.  My very first house.  ALL on my own :)  I'm very proud of this accomplishment.  BUT, alas, I was NOT expecting that being a single homeowner would be so crazy and EXPENSIVE!  I call my house a money pit, but in truth, it's not.  It's just old, and there are a few things that need to be taken care of.  I spent almost $900 fixing plumbing problems last year.  I need a new roof that the previous owners said was only 5 yrs old, that actually turns out to be over 20 years old, so there's 2 lawsuits I have going on.  And now, I've learned the sewer pipes in our backyard have collapsed.  They're 30 feet out and 10 feet down! The cheapest I've found anyone to do it for me is $3000 and that's with the contractor feeling sorry for me, knowing that if it stays that way for long, the City can actually condemn the house for not meeting occupancy code.  SO....they start on it this Wednesday.

My oldest daughter moved out 2 years ago and had my first grandchild, Blake Isaac Ryan, on October 22, 2015.  He's an awesome and adorable little guy!! his giggles and smiles can melt the worst worries of a day away in a second. She also got married.  My youngest is now a Senior in high school, almost has all of her Freshman college credits completed also.....holy cow, where has the time gone?!  My golden retriever is now 10! (I know my followers remember that girl!) her face is very white now, but she still acts like a very anxious and busy puppy, she's still very young at heart.

I still work long hours and put in a lot of overtime for my job as a child abuse and neglect investigator for the State.  It's one of those careers that is a love/hate kind of thing.  We love helping those in need, whether it's a child in turmoil or being abused/neglected, a parent or family that is struggling and just needs a little help, or seeing justice served for the itty bitties.  But we also hate the feelings we feel sometimes, not being able to help when we so desperately want to, laws that keep us from doing so, when we're 'too late,' or when we see and hear some of the horrible things that we do. Love.....Hate!

But....ahhhhhh, to LIVE.....THAT is the adventure!!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wow, has it REALLY been THAT long??

I know, it's been forever and a month since I blogged.  If you only KNEW all the shit I've been dealing with in my life, you'd totally go, 'OOOOHHHHHH, ok, nevermind' lol.  First, divorce.  Second, moved.  Third, new 24/7 w/overtime and on-call rotation job.  Life's been a wreck of a roller coaster over the past 8 months or so, it seems. Not much of a fun wreck, either.  It seems like when it rains, it pours for me, seriously. I'm trying, though. If folks believe in 'kharma's a bitch,' the way I usually do, then I'd be trying to figure out why it's attacking me the way it is.  I'm getting SOMEone's bad kharma and I don't even know why! which pisses me off even MORE! grrr

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thrifty Finds Thursdays! Here's what I found this week!

You know me, I'm always out and about, looking under rocks, fallen trees, and such, lol for a great deal or bargain.  Here's a few more that I've picked up over the past couple of weeks that I thought I'd share with ya'll:
Ok, this one is about 15" tall, & the most expensive at $17, but I still thought she was SOOO worth it (oh, that's a leaf down where the hoo-haw would be, lol...just sayin', in case you think it's something else)

OMG, I LOOOOVE this one...I only paid, get this....39 cents for it!! seriously!! It's about 6" tall, ALL hand painted, including the 14 karat gold, I couldn't believe it was only 39 cents, but yep, that's all I paid for it!!

I paid just $1 for this 3 pc set of vintage prints with wooden, gilded, vintage round frames...I'm a sucker for vintage prints, lol

Ok, this one, you just may NOT believe...can you guess what it is??? it's McCoy!! not one of the oldest, but still McCoy. It does have one small 'character' chip on the rim...but I picked it up for a SONG at our church rummage sale...can you guess how much I paid for it??? all out of guesses...25 cents!! lol yep, only a quarter!!

now, my FAVorite piece!! again, I picked it up at our church rummage sale last weekend.  A very old print.  Wavy glass, old, gilded, carved frame...just $2!!  that's it, 2 bucks!!
Ok, it's Thrifty Finds Thursday...what great thrifty finds did YOU find this week???? share with us, we'd LOVE to see!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yet another frog in my garden pond...grrrr!

Every year, without fail, I find a frog or two...or 5, living in my pond at any given time.  Now, I love the aquatic living world that my pond creates, that's not the problem...the problem is, frogs eat fish.  I stock my pond with feeder fish, some make it to a couple inches, some die or get eaten before then.  But my poor poor fish, I know whenever a frog has been in the pond, they'll have part of their tail fins gone, lol.  Well, yesterday morning, I took the dogs out and looked over and saw a frog just as he dived into the pond.  Oh boy, there goes my fish, lol.  I had errands to run, so I didn't have time to fish him out.  On my way out the door to run errands, I saw THIS:
Can you see him???

here's a close up of the lil' turd!! lol
Pretty big frog, eh???  yeah, that's what I thought too.  He's just sitting on my water lettuce, like it's a lily pad lol  enjoying the trickling water, fish swimming beneath him, living it up on MY dime...sounds just like a teenager, lol.  Well, I haven't seen him today, but I'll be keeping my eye out, need to fish him out with the net and walk him back to the creek and toss him in...which will leave my pond frog-less, until he figures out how to make it from the creek to the little pond again, lol, but it might buy my fish some time.  So far, I still see 2 fish, 1 is always hiding, so I don't know if he's made it away from the frog or not...time will tell!

How about a 'GREE'N' Giveaway??! Book Giveaway: 'practically green', Your Guide to Ecofriendly Decision-Making!

Practically Green: Your Guide to Ecofriendly Decision-Making

I picked myself up one of these books, and thought, 'hey, my readers might like one too,' so grabbed another.  This giveaway is sponsored and offered by ME, myself, and I lol.  It's full of great ideas and 'green' tidbits that you may not have even thought of.  Includes instructions for USEFUL crafty things, reusing things, and really brings in the Reduse Reuse Recycle thought process.

This book contains:
  • Essential information to help you make smart, green choices for your family
  • 30+ easy, earth-friendly DIY projects and ideas for when you make instead of buy
  • copy & clip guides to simplify shopping
excerpt taken from Amazon, where it's listed for purchase for $7.60:
Practically Green takes the guesswork out of reading labels and will show you how to make smart, healthy purchases for your family without spending tedious hours researching the pros and cons of all of the products available on the market today. Each chapter is broken down into "Buy It" and "Do It" sections. The "Buy-It" section provides key information about everyday purchasing decisions and includes clip-out checklists for you to reference while shopping. The "Do It" section gives DIY ideas for how to make things that are good for your family and good for the environment, such as simple sewing projects, non-toxic cleaning products and luxurious, homemade beauty products. Plus, the author shares some of her favorite recipes that are sure to please the entire family!

Interested in winning this book?  Great!  Entry is open to US RESIDENTS ONLY please, no entries from other countries allowed (sorry, but I'm the one shipping it, and I can't afford the extra postage, I hope you understand), age 18 and over!  Giveaway ends Sunday, July 8, 11:59 EST!  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer:  This giveaway is in no way associated with Amazon, or any person/entity that is associated with the book.  The prize is offered and provided by myself.  

Check out the GORGEOUS Milk Glass I picked up on the cheap!!

I love milk glass...but not just any old milk glass, like all those same ole same ole vases that you see, you know the ones I'm talking about.  No, I like the ones that are different, that aren't necessarily rare (can't afford THOSE babies, lol), but that aren't necessarily common to find.  Like these:

Now, the top one, without the frog, I see a lot at thrifty stores and yard sales.  But WITH the flower frog??? very rarely do I find one of these that still has the glass flower frog with it.  Guess how much I pd for that baby??? guess!!!  $1.39!! seriously!! a buck and 39 coins, that's IT!!  Now, how about that huge,, would you call it an urn??? flower pot??  compote of some sort???  I dunno, but I only paid $1.49 for that one, and it's HEAVY!

I like to stop in at obscure, out of the way places, they generally have the cheaper finds.  But THIS baby:

It appears to be a hand painted ginger jar? canister?  I can't tell if it was suppose to have a lid or not.  It's marked Bavaria, Germany, and the flowers (Lavender, of course) are hand pained on both sides.  It has an art deco feel within the mold itself.  I found that at a VERY prominent, HUGE, antiques mall here in St. Louis, stuck in a little corner, people passing it by, until I saw her...shining with a halo above her, lol.  I only paid $2 for it!!! yep, just $2!! I couldn't believe it.  I made my husband carry it around instead of taking it up and sitting it on the counter for them to hold while we continued to shop...I was afraid someone might get it confused or something and let someone else take her, lol (I'm paranoid that way, lol).  You can see some of my vintage flower frog collection next to it.  The orange iridescent one to the left above the rare blue ceramic one, I picked up on another day, but at the same antiques shop, and pd $3.25 for it!! :)  things and DEALS like that, make me all warm and fuzzellly inside, lol.

What kind of great deals and steals have YA'LL found lately??? I'd LOVE to hear about them!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Newspaper Art Nails! Super easy! TOOOO flippin' cute, just HAD to share!

Ok, so I know that these have been getting to be really popular lately.  I stumbled across this young high school girl, who, yes, she talks a lot, lol but she's just too adorable, with her YouTube channel, reviews, cutesie stuff, I just HAD to share this video of her 'how to' on making newsprint/newspaper art nails, with WATER, not alcohol.

I've been seeing these with an adorable pink (light, even some brighter), and a baby or sky blue instead of white or light grey.  I hope that she doesn't mind that I shared this with you, I'm sure she'll love the link back love and new subscribers if ya'll are up for it.  Out of all the tutes on how to do this, I chose her's to share, because I have 2 teenage girls who are whizzes at putting stuff up on YouTube these days, lol and she just reminds me of them doing something that they love and think is cool!  kudos to her!  Good job! iluvjesse444 (dunno if that's her name, but that's her channel)
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