Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You may notice a few things that are different...but you may not, either!

I've made several changes to Lavender Cove's HTML code.  I've previosly done these same things on my other blog, Thrifty and Frugal by Debbie, and figured I'd get around to doing it for LC too, and I finally have...not that I have all that much free time on my hands, lol, but what I've done was super easy and fast.  I want to share with you a few things...first, you can no longer right click on my pages.  This is basically just in case I forget to watermark some of my pics (like the rose pic below, ughh)...watermarking can take time, and sometimes I get too busy and I get too excited and just want to get my post up for you.  And, of course, there's obvious reasons, as well, such as poaching.  I don't mind sharing my information, I don't even mind you taking the instructions I give, however, it's when I troll the web and low-and-behold I see my EXACT words on someone else's website.  Use my info and instructions, by all means, that's why I share it, it's not patented, but by not allowing an obvious copy option, it makes the person actually think and put some of their own work into the words (sorry, not trying to be mean).

Another cool thing I added were cool numbering of comments inside cute little clouds, lol  aren't they cute?  this is super helpful, believe me.  I also, as you can see below, added a personal signature for my Lavender, of course  ;)   Let's see, what else did I do? hmmm...OH, one of the most important things of all!!!!  From now on, all links will open in a NEW window!  You no longer have to click 'back' or something of that nature...just click the link and a new window will open, when you're finished with that page, exit out of it and the Lavender Cove page you were on will STILL be there!  cool, and helpful, eh?  I thought ya'll'd like that one  ;)

While I'm in the updating mood, do any of you have any other ideas for me to consider?  Do you think I need a new banner?  I'm leaning towards one, but that one takes a bit more time.  What else ya got????  let me know in my new numbered comments box, lol


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