Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Got my seeds from WinterSown, plus bought 6 new rose bushes!!

Blue Boy rose

Blue Girl rose

While I was at Big Lots yesterday, I picked up 6 new rose bushes to grow.  The ones I picked out are VERY healthy, with LOTS of green shoots, buds and such.  We've decided to finally install our white picket fence that we picked up for $50 (what a deal THAT was, lol) a couple of years ago.  If we don't get it installed this year, it's gonna rot, and I will be majorly pissed, and the hubs does NOT want me pissed, lol (so he says, we'll see, lol).  Anyway, it will run down the hill to the creek on one side, with a gate the length of 2 fence panels so trucks can get in and out for the garden, then on the other side from the house to the idiot neighbor's horse fence he installed (in the middle of an upscale I said, he's an old idiot, lol...the fence story was in a different post, lol).  It'll have a small entrance gate to let us in to go around the house to my rose arbor on that side, and such.  So, long story short, this fence installed means I get to plant MORE ROSES!  and ya'll know I LOVE growing my roses.  I picked up a Blue Boy (which is actually a light pink to light lavender rose...see pic) and a Blue Girl (which is actually has light blue roses on it...see pic)...(they look very similar in color, but in real life, you can tell the difference)these are out of my color wheel for my landscape and roses a little bit, but I'm gonna try them and see how I like them...if not, they get dug up and my bestie can have them installed in HER yard, lol.  It's important to note that these two types of rose bushes aren't always easy to find in local nurseries, let alone Big Lots, so if it's one you'd like to try, you might look to see if your Big Lots has any.  The others I picked up werer other pink ones, and one more white one to plant near my other white one to even out the arbor. 

The roses I picked up are bare root roses (of sorts).  They're  the onese you get with the plastic wrapped around the bottom.  Store them in a cool place until early spring when it's time to plant them.  When I do this, I'll take pics and explain what I like to do when I plant my roses and to have large, luxuriously growing plants.

WinterSown'em in! yays!!!  When you do the $5 donation with your order, they really send you more than what you order (not by a LOT, mind you, but generally a pkg of bonus seeds and such.  This is what I ordered:
    Green Zebra tomatoes
    Mr. Stripey tomato
  • Green Zebra (they're green when ripe, with darker green stripes)
  • Louisiana Pink (I didn't get these, they sent the June Pink instead, but they're basically the same, in that the fruits are pink when they're ripe)
  • Legend (up to 1 lb, blight resistent, sweet fruits)
  • Mister Stripey (red fruits with yellow stripes and a tangy flavor)
  • Sunray (3" orange fruits when ripe)
  • Tomatillo Purple (ripe when they're purple and the husks break...have always wanted to try to grow these)
  • Tiny Tim (abundant red cherry tomatoes on a dwarf plant)
  • Super Marmande (a French heirloom, w/red fruit)
  • Sausage (6" tapered, extra long fruit...don't these sound FUN?!)
  • and finally
  • Wild Card (which is THEIR choice)...I got the Kosovo tomato...which is pink when mature)
  • as a thank you, they sent me a pkg of Cilantro (my daughter loves this, not me so much), and a pkg of Pepperoncini & Pardon peppers (mildly hot peppers...daughter and phys. therapist loves spicey, they'll eat'em, lol).

Sausage tomato (cool, eh?)

Tomatillo Purple (meaty tomato)

So, basically, I got all that I asked for, with one that they ended up swapping for a different one that was basically the same.  YAYS!!  In all the bags, there's a few more than 6 seeds (they say they'll send 6), and with the peppers and cilantro, they gave me plenty more than 6! I can't wait to start them, get'em to germinate, and use my newly acquired zippered green house, lol (that I STILL need to run over and pick up)

Don't all those variety of tomatoes sound fun?  I wanted to pick tomatoes that I couldn't find other places, at local green houses, and such, and I think this variety will do just that for us...we love tomatoe salads, and with all these colors, yummmmm, they'll look beautiful tossed in a bowl!

My bestie and I are planning a seed swap, hopefully this weekend...will have to get my garden binder and garden plan in top shape for that meeting, lol.


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