Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A new miniature rose bush for Valentine's Day

So many years past my hubs has always gotten me a floral arrangement for Valentine's Day...sometimes roses, sometimes a mix, sometimes lillies (I've had to explain to him that I LOATHE these flowers, lol, although our yellow tabby loves to eat the stamin in the middle and gives herself a red nose, lol).  But this year, our Valentine's Day was packed with dental appointments and errands.  So after dropping the kids back off at school after the dentist and being out all afternoon running around town doing errands, I returned home to a delivery from Fed-Ex...these guys, along with the brown box truck boys know my address well, lol thanks to my other blog.  But this box was different, it said 'Pro Flowers' hmmm, I KNEW I hadn't won a Pro Flowers arrangement, so I wondered.  When I opened it, I thought, 'awe, he sent me some sort of exotic flower,' nope, it was a miniature rose bush, very full and bushy.  This was so much better than getting a flower arrangement, because I grow roses, I love to grow my roses, and I grow them well, lol.  He took the time to realize a thoughtful gift that he KNEW I'd love and appreciate...a new rose bush!!!  you did good, hubs ;)
Isn't it just GORGE?!!!


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