Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Isn't this photo just adorable?  I saw it and absolutely had to save it to my computer.  I found it at that Graphics Fairy, which, btw, I LOVE her blog...she offers COPYRIGHT FREE graphics (like this) for FREE downloading to your computer.  They're true vintage, from photos, books, postcards, music, all kinds of stuff, and she puts them in digital format for everyone to be able to see, enjoy, and use in their crafts and such.  When I saw this vintage postcard photo, I just instantly thought about my garden...and then I thought, 'hmmm, what craft can I do that I can add it to?' lol, I'm still thinking about that one...  Go check her blog out, it's GREAT!

Monday, August 30, 2010

The bunny is back...

and my oldest is ecstatic that it hasn't perished by being eaten by a fox or owl or cat or something...and, it's living happily among my watermelons and maters...other than that, there's really not alot left in the garden.  I have maters left, but there all still green, nothing's changing color at the moment.  Taking some jalepenos to the physical therapist tomorrow, she likes those and the oldest has only eat 1 of them all season and it was HER idea to plant the suckers, ughhh!  there's really not alot of damage the lil booger can do in the melon patch all alone...unless he invites some buddies over and hosts a keggar, then  my melons will go 'bye bye' big time...and so will the bunny, lol

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fall is near....

Leaves are falling.  I've not noticed any change of color yet, a tad bit too soon still, but it'll be here soon.  The past few evenings have been quite cool, and today is not hot, but actually comfortable. Fall is my most FAVorite season...love love LOVE it!  This morning, I stood at my kitchen window and looked outside...leaves from trees were falling.  The trees are still pretty green, but alas the leaves have begun to fall...can't wait!  PLUS, my fashion is SO much better in the fall, lol.

No more bunny drama...maybe

So, remember me saying that there was only one baby bunny the other night?  Well, it was still there yesterday evening when I went down to help the oldest water.  But we also found a dead one, near the fence.  The one she 'claimed' as her imaginary pet was still there.  We wandered around the garden, weeding and such (well, I made HER weed, the youngest and the hubs) and the lil critter ran out of a hole in the fence that it HAD to have known about...so ON the sprinkler went.  I don't know if it will come back, but the hole has to be fixed, plus found 2 others...I think we'll be re-enforcing the chickenwire with a thicker gauge wire for next year...I do NOT want a repeat of all this drama...plus, I was ticked, 'cause they all PROMISED me that they'd taken care of the garden.  I expected that they wouldn't weed, I can hardly get them to do that w/a gun held to their head, but they were suppose to take anything they harvested that was rotten and throw it into the compost...didn't happen.  My garden was a mess, still is, just not as bad...I've gotta work on a new plan for next year.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

baby bunny problem...

Does anyone know if bunnies are like birds, that if a human touches them that the mama will abandon them?  My oldest thought she was doing a good thing on Sunday and tried to corral them back into their burrow so they wouldn't be wandering around the garden, and now there's only ONE baby bunny, no others (there was a total of 5 babies) and no sign of the mama (but apparently all was well yesterday, so I don't think it was the human scent thing, dunno tho).  The lil fella is about the size of a large hamster, so it's old enough to be on it's own...in my garden, apparently.  I looked under the cukes, and there were TWO burrows, one my daughter said she hadn't seen before, but it had a pc of bunny fur in it...no body parts, bones, or anything, so I dunno WHAT that's all about.  I don't know if a cat or fox jumped the 5' tall fence and got to them and took off, or if a bird did, or if the mama took all the other babies and left the last one for some reason...I just don't know.  My brother said he thought for sure that the mama would abandon them due to the scent, but she held more than one of them, and there's only one baby left.  She wants to bring it in to keep it...NOT happening...A) we have cats that would aDORE a bunny-appetizer, and 2) it's a wild animal that belongs outside.  It appears to be old enough to take care of itself, food-wise, and probably continues to burrow into the dirt to stay warm at night, there's plenty of hiding places in my garden amongst the plants and such, and it looks old enough to be weaned.  I don't want to just open the gate and let it out, it'll be picked off in a second, probably before our own eyes...sigh.  The oldest now has to hand water my garden w/a water wand to keep from drowning the lil booger...it's so sad looking tho, all alone, w/out it's mama...I have to say, though, I've not heard it bellerin' for her even once, as you tend to do when the mama leaves the burrow...so, all I can do is hope.  We'll let it get a week older or so, it's not like it doesn't have plenty to eat, as the LIL TURD LIVES IN MY VEGGIE GARDEN! lol  then will open the gate to let it out...it'll be on it's own after that.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Isn't this cute?

I took these pics at Hobby Lobby the other day and have every intention to make some, I think they're just aDORable!!!  Take the faux carvable pumpkins, carve the letter and scrolls out just slightly, then use black stain or paint to cover the foam of the carving....with the white one, the stars are completely cut-out to allow the electric candle bulb to shine through.

There are BABY BUNNIES in my belfry!!!

well, actually, not my belfry, but they're burrowed under my cucumbers...see, here's the deal.  Last Thursday, I had back surgery.  I was told that I could NOT go down to my garden for at least one week.  Now, ya'll, my garden is MY WORLD, so I'd be there no less than 2 times a day, and no less than 30 minutes each time.  So the bunnies and everything knew there was plenty of human movement, therefore, not the safest place to have a family or host a bunny bbq or whatever.  Since my surgery, someone's been to my garden only 1 time, until yesterday, when I sent my girls to 'harvest' the mators and rest of the cukes...the youngest comes scrambling in and said, 'there are newborn bunnies in your cucumbers and the dad got scared and ran out under a hole in the fence.'  o....no....it.....di'ent!   SEE???? THIS is the result of the lack of human contact in a  garden...a rogue gypsy bunny clan moves in....grrrr.  When I'd go down, I'd always look to see any evidence of bunny invaders trying to dig their way under my fence...but since I've not been down there in almost a week, no one's done this, and they seized their opportunity and moved the trailer trash in, and under my cucumbers to boot.  So, here comes the hubs home, the girls get him to go down there...I waddle out to the back deck a'hollerin' about the bunnies and what he planned to do, then he said he was gonna move them...well, I couldn't let that happen, I know they're not birds, but they're newborn and if he moved them then they'd get too cold, the mama might be too scared to retrieve them in time and they'd die, so, I said, 'someone get up here and help me w/my walker' (yep, I sounded like a granny, lol).  15 minutes later, lol, I make it down to the garden, size up the problem, and yep, they truly are newborn, less than 2 inches long and covered in mulch and dirt and stuff cuz the mama was hiding them...so I told the hubs to uncover the hole that he'd covered under the fence where they were getting in at, leave the gate cracked a few inches and just let them get a lil older...in less than a week they'll be scattering and I'll be able to run their furry asses OUT of my cucumber bed and OUT of my garden...that's my plan anyway, we'll see.  The problem is, the watermelons are growing swiftly and need tending to, and those bunnies are gonna just LOVE munchin' on those vines, ughhhhh!  The cucumber patch is pretty much done with, all dried and yellowed leaves, the cukes are turning yellow before they have a chance to get a couple inches long...but my mators?  my mators are in full force and those bunnies better not EVEN think about adding THOSE to their salad bar...they can just stick to the dieing cucumber vines... 
has anyone else had this problem before?  what did you do?  am I even close to being right, that in a week or so they'll be old enough to make them move out into a different trailer trash park? lol

Monday, August 2, 2010

Something was rustling in the bush...

Funny, downright hiLARious story that I just GOTTA share w/ya'll... So, the other evening, well, 1 am actually, lol, the hubs was taking the dogs out before we went to bed, and I asked him to take the kitchen compost bucket down to the bin for me. He says, 'ok.' Off they go and when they come back, he doesn't have the bucket with him. I'm like, 'where's the bucket?' He says, 'there was something moving around in that big bush behind the compost bin, so I just sat the bucket on the bench next to it.' at this point, I don't know whether to die in laughter or scream in frustration. The bench is less than 2 feet from the bin, what's the difference between sitting it on the bench or opening the bin and dumping it in? I said, 'What were you afraid it could've been in that bush that was gonna jump out and get ya? If it was MaryBeth, I know it would be a zombie, but you? I have no idea what you could think was gonna jump out of that bush and get you and the compost bucket.' So, I put my shoes on and go down to fetch the bucket and dump it, in the pitch dark, which I do. I know my way straight there and back, no biggee, as I do it every night. I look up and he's on the back deck trying to shine a flashlight down on me and hollering, 'do you hear anything? are you okay? can you see?' (my eyes were rolling...city boys, good grief) I come back in and he's still on the back deck hollering down at me 'cause he couldn't see in the dark that I'd already left the garden area and was back inside the house. Once inside, again I ask what he thought was gonna get him, he says, 'I don't know, I thought it might be a snake.' I said, 'at friggin' 1 am in the middle of the friggin' night? If we were on the water, maybe, but in a bush in the middle of suburbia, no...there's no snake that would've been 'rustling' in the bush to jump out and GET you while dumping your compost bucket.' good grief...I called him a sissy...he agreed, lol...he's such a city boy. See the bush in the pic beyond the fence? that's the bush he thought was housing a horribly demonic snake that was sitting in wait in the middle of the night, ready to attack anyone with the audacity to attempt to dump a compost bucket, lol plus, there's at least 10 bird's nests in that bush...so, was I wrong? was he right to be 'afeared' of the 'rustling' in the big bush? lol or was I right and he should've just dumped the damned bucket? lol let me know what you think
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