Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Collecting my wild ties for Easter eggs again!

It's fast approaching...Easter.  The meaning of it, Lent, Ash Wednesday, oh my, it'll be here very soon this year.  And I've been hard at work collecting some majorly wild and colorful ties all year to do our 2nd Annual Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs again this year.  We LOVED doing them last year, and it was WAY more easier and definitely  not as messy as having dyes in cups with vinegar, blah!  here's the link with the super simple instructions on how to make tie-dyed Easter eggs...believe me, I wish I would've known how to do this a long time ago, it would've saved SOOOO much hassle...once you do these, you won't want to ever go back to the dye in cups method ever again!  Here's the pic of last year's, aren't they GORGE?! 

Here's a site that has LOTS of 'natural' ways to dye your Easter eggs...this lady says not to eat eggs that have been silk dyed, and I have googled this and many people 'suggest that you don't consume the eggs if dyed by silk.'  And I'm sure there are some dyes used on ties and such that may be toxic, but we may be in trouble then, because my kids ate some and didn't die from it...however, I'm not advocating the consumtion of them, I'm just relaying that my kid have eaten a few of last year's.

This site gives a GREAT tutorial of the egg dying process using silk ties, boxers, blouses, etc.

Martha Stewart shows us how to add lace to our decorated dyed Easter eggs...they're very pretty.


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