Decor Ideas

I originally put the lil birdy in the teacup w/some irredescent angel hair for Christmas, but I've decided to leave the little fella, he just looked so comfortable, don't you think?
Fall Decorating ideas...

  and DON'T forget your front porch, your entry way into your world and home...this will give insights into the person you are.  I LOVE that this lady put a picture on her brick wall outside her front door/windows, isn't it adorable?!  this is exactly what I want to do, but I have siding in the spot where she has bricks, so I'll have to get those little clips, and make sure that the item I want to hang isn't too, the topiary, OH, I'm in love with it...GOTTA make me one.  This has me SO inspired...I already have lots of pillows on my wicker chairs, but the table topper is adorable, and all I have is doily, I think I'll go get some of my extra fabric and cut it for a topper (but won't bugs and waspers build nests under it?...that's a bit skeary, lol)...but I think it's time for me to make my way over to the nursery and pick up some pumpkins and gourds for the porch to go along w/the very colorful mums that I already have sitting out in abundance...I just LOVE fall!!!!

How about THIS?!  these are super simple ideas that I found on the net (I'm sorry, I love to give credit where it's due, but I think it was just a site that found them around, as well) don't have to use a sleigh, simply use a big basket, wooden box that's weathered, take some old barn boards and nail them together...use a bucket, an old enameled wash tub, or even one of those old wringer washing machines on the front porch, THAT would be cool looking (dang, now I need to look for an old wringer washing machine, neighbor would hate me even MORE, lol).  The birdbath display is simply adorable (of course, the birdies won't be able to use it during this time, but hopefully they'll forgive you, lol).


Isn't this cute?  I saw it on some website and I can't remember where...which is frustrating, because I'm not suppose to show it unless I can give credit to the people who took the picture and/or printed it...grrrr, but I think, I THINK it was on Marth Stewart.  Wouldn't this be adorable as a centerpiece on a Spring 'scape table?  It could easily be done using faux flowers to use year after year, in a room, as a centerpiece, etc...and the teacups and saucers don't even have to match.  They can be picked up super cheap at Goodwill or Salvation Army and sometimes yard sales...although, it seems that more and more people having yard/garage sales think that they're things are made of gold and are to be priced as such, tsk tsk, so sad.  I'd love to see some of my readers' crafts and creations...if someone, anyone, is out there reading this and has something they'd like to share, I'd enjoy seeing it...feel free to email it to me or post it in a comment.
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