Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Get your seed catalog orders going, peeps!!

If you're an avid gardener or just starting out, you may choose to grow your plants from seeds or buy them already germinated and established, the latter of which is the easiest if you don't feel you have the time to sow seeds.  Either way, collecting and perusing seed, plant, shrub, rose, flower, etc. catalogs is a great tool to help you decide what you want to plant and where you'll plant them.  Most seed companies offer the catalogs for FREE.  Remember the old days, when there were literally only a handful (if not LESS) seed/plant catalog companies out there?  I do, mannnn, really showing my age there, lol.  Here's a few that I receive or I've just ordered:
ok, that's enough to get you going, but there' are OODLES more out there, just do a google search for free seed catalogs or free plant catalogs, etc. and a gazillion will pop up for you to request, lol.  enjoy and happy cataloging, lol.
If you know of a catalog that you'd like to share and have me add to the list, just let me know!


meemsnyc said...

I also like Botanical Interests catalog! They have nice hand drawn pictures.

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