Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Am I the only that's NOT in the Halloween mood???

Seriuosly.  I'm not the least bit in the mood to decorate or even HAVE Halloween this year.  The pumpkins I made and posted about below??? those are literally the ONLY  Halloween/Fall decorations that I have going on at my house right now, with the exception of some real pumplins and guourds outside.  Plus, with Halloween on a Monday this year, we can't fully install our haunted cemetery, because the girls have school the next day and the hubs has work and I have pt, which means we don't want to have to spend all night undecorating (we have old hags and 'insert not so nice name calling terms here' as neighbor, therefore our decoractions must be taken down the night of Halloween).  We already drive that 'insert expletive name calling terms here' neighbor crazy at Christmas, rofl.  We like to get the most of our outdoor lights, install them not so long after Thanksgiving and we turn them on every night up to New Year's Day, rofl  that old fart HATES us, rofl, but we have a blast annoying him, and he can't do anything about it...but Halloween?  he complains and then the city whines to us that he's wasting their time complaining...instead of them growing a 'set' and telling him to shut up, they say 'we'll talk to them about it.'  And if we don't do it, he continues to complain to them.  I finally said, 'am I breaking any ordinance?' they say ' no, but it's being an nuisance to the 'expletive' So WE say, 'if ain't in writing stating that we're breaking an ordinance, we ain't doin' it!' HA!! that'll learn him, lol.

what was I sayin???  oh, not in the Halloween mood...yeah, I'm not.  Am I the only one?  I just can't 'get' in the doesn't help that my kids are half turns 18 on Friday, the other turns 13 in 2 weeks, and they hate trick or treating.  The 13 yr old has refused to trick or treat since she was 8, and the oldest hasn't been since she was about 11 or so, they just don't like it.  They dress up still, but that wears off about an hour into Halloween night, lol and then they all go inside and leave me outside w/the fire pit and trick or treaters all by myself, while they sit inside watching scary or haunted movies, eating big bowls of my annual pot of chili...and I'm alone, outside, in the cold, in the dark, ughhhhhhhhhh.  Plus, my bestie and her boys always come up, and since they all have work and school the next day, so they don't get to come hang out  :(   so, with all this, I am just NOT in the mood for Halloween this year.  But, I'll wish that you all are, and that you have a safe, enjoyable Halloween fun night!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

CLOSED! Christmas Records Keeper/Tracker Giveaway w/TWO winners!

I've had these for a couple of years and haven't used them, I'm still on my first one, so I thought I'd share with a giveaway.  I have TWO of these Christmas Records Keeping/Tracking binders up for grabs.  They have a section for Christmas Cards sent/rec'd, presents, thank you's and parties and MORE!  If you like to keep track of those kinds of things so you know who gave you what so you don't re-gift something to the same person, or keep track of who sends you cards each year, then one of these Records keepers for YOU!  Super easy giveaway, will end Nov. 6 at 11 pm CST.

Disclosure:  This giveaway is not affiliated with any company, site, or promotional campaign.  The prizes above were bought and paid for, and provided by myself/Administrator of Lavender Cove.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

MY version of Country Living's Toile Decoupaged pumpkins!

Last week or so, I done a post about the cover of this month's Country Living magazine with the photo of a pumpkin that was decoupaged with toile.  I got my copy in the mail and read that they used a toile FABRIC.  I have many types of toile fabric, but I really didn't want to use it.  I was afraid of the decoupage medium causing issues with the 'sizing' of the fabric and after awhile it wouldn't look quite right (just paranoid, didn't want to have wasted my resources or time), so I decided to look into it.  My challenge in that post, was to NOT spend ANY more than $2, not to have any of the supplies already (with exception of the modge podge).  So, what did I do?  I went to my local Dollar Tree.  I found several types of pumpkins...

the front 3, and the one on the far left behind the 1st row, were all $1 at Dollar Tree
the back 3 were a few that I got on sale at Joanne's and Hobby Lobby
So, I decided to use the larger pumpkin on the right and this roll of adhesive shelf paper to make my own version of the decoupaged pumpkin.  I cut them in strips to apply them, since the pumpkin is a round object, I knew I couldn't just wrap it and be done.

So I started applying them, then quickly realized that I needed to actually cut the strips to a point, so I cut from the lower right corner in a straight line up to the upper left corner, and continued to apply the strips.

When it was finished, I had a wild idea to add some sparkle, but only had some pink on-hand, lol  I didn't want to get up and dig out the fairy dust (it was a lazy moment).  So here's the final product:

it's final resting far!
Total cost:  $2
Pumpkin Project #2

NEXT, I was pumpkin decorating happy, and continued with the two smaller pumpkins (in the above, 5th pic up) that were a dollar.  I wanted a couple of cute pumpkins that would  fit in with my mercury glass candle holders.  I'd seen a few silver metallic pumpkins at Hobby Lobby, but even 40% was more than I wanted to pay, so I decided to make them.

I took the stems out and put them on top of a shoe box, outdoors.
The pumpkins were each $1 and the metallic spray paint was $3 after my 40% coupon at Hobby Lobby.  Total cost:  $5 for 2.

Here they are with some of my mercury glass decor items.  How do they look?!
Pumpkin Project #3

My final pumpkin project was with a small Funkin that I got at Joanne's Crafts for 57% off, so it was just $3.47, and 10"X10" piece of tissue paper that I'd gotten on after-Halloween-Clearance at Walmart last year in the card section (never forget that section during the Halloween clearance sales), it's Hallmark even.  I'm not counting that into the cost of this project, because I already had it AND it was only a small pc out of the 5 large sheets in the pkg.

This was a simple decoupaged project using Modge Podge.  First, it's tissue paper on a surface that was a bit slick, so I knew I'd have to put some of the medium on the pumpkin to get the tissue paper to stick.

After putting some Modge Podge on the pumpkin, I'd smooth the tissue paper over the spot, and did this all around the pumpkin.  Then I took a dry brush and smoothed out some of the bubbles, trimmed the top around the stem and attached the tissue down with more Modge Podge and smoothed it, then trimmed around the bottom and did the same to flatten it.

Final product:

I haven't quite decided where I want to put it yet, tho.

3 pumpkin projects to total 4 pumpkins for Fall vignettes for only $10.47!!

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