Sunday, October 3, 2010

I've begun to decorate for FALL...wanna see?

This is the little arrangement that I've put on my front porch...the pumpkin was from Dollar Tree, for of course, just a buck.  Then I took a black Sharpie and put the H and little vine design on it.  I got the idea from Hobbie Lobby, as I posted here a few weeks ago.  The leaves I picked up at Dollar Tree, also.  They had packs of about 20 crepe leaves (a different color in each pack) and the they were attached to floral wire so that they could be manipulated and such...those were a GREAT find!  The silver urn or wine bucket, whatever whoever wants to call it, came from the Salvation Army for $3.69 (cool, huh?!).  First, I'd done the arrangement w/out the urn and leaves and my bestie said, 'you're gonna put leaves around it, right?' and of course I was going to, but it wasn't quite October yet, I'd only just begun decorating for fall.  So I finally got around to dragging the leaves out, and then I had an 'ah ha' moment when I looked over to a bar stool next to the back door where I had this poor, lonely urn, just sitting, crying out for me to do something with it.  So...I did.  Originally, I had the pumpkin sitting on top of a short dumpy terra cotta's foam, so I took skewers and put them up the bottom of the punkin and into the foam in the pot...then when I rearranged it to add the urn, all I did was drop the terra cotta pot inside so it adds some more weight to keep from blowying away, just in case.  Then I stuffed the leaves in and the the floral wire stems worked perfectly to poke into the foam in the pot.  The other items on the wicker and iron bistro table (a $20 find at a Goodwill store about 4 yrs ago) that sits next to the front door, are there throughout the year, w/the exception of the flowers behind the pumpkin, as I add those depending on the season (the stars were 98 cents eact at GW last year, they had stands on them and I bent those off so I could use them as picks, they were a last thought to the arrangement, but I think it worked out well).

I've not put any fall wreathes out yet, but that will happen within the week, probably, because Fall is in full swing, leaves everywhere, chilly days to downright cold night, and fruit picking...speaking of which, I have an elderly couple as neighbors along our back fence that gave me 2 huge bags of pears, yummmmm. I don't have time to make perserves or anything, so I've been thinking of making smaller pear cobblers and freezing them to use at gatherings for Thanksgiving and cobblers freeze and re-heat well? hmmm, dunno, let me know if any of ya'll have done this, will ya?


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