Friday, September 24, 2010's upon us....finally!

Fall is near.  The air is cooler...sometimes, lol.  Yesterday was hot, today was a bit cooler, and this evening is downright chilly....I LOVE it!  I'm slowly decorating for Fall...nothing major yet.  A large pumpkin on the porch w/a big black 'H' on it for our last name...this is sitting atop a few faux fall colored leaves, and it's sitting on top of a vintage silver handled urn...gorgeous.  I recently touched up my decor on the wrap-around front porch.  The wicker furniture all got new red seat cusions (courtesy of a junk store for $1.99 each, w/orig. price tags of $17.99, lol).  Then I tossed a few of the throw pillows (I repurchase new-used toss pillows for the porch every spring, throwing away any that are discolored, faded, dirty, mildewed, etc.); what I do is pick them up at yard sales and such for less than $3 each...there's a few that are good quality and can simply be recovered (when I have the time, lol).  I swept and cleaned and cleaned and swept, rearranged, and cleaned off tables, and such.  I have mismatched vintage teacups & saucers (chipped and such, paid a quarter or so for each) setting on the tables that have vintage doilies and such (again, pd 50 cents or so each, they have snags or holes and/or a stain here and there) on top...all those were cleaned and replaced, and ta-da, done, fini'  All in preparation of Fall....there's leaves that have fallen back down by the garden fence.  I take the dogs out for a walk in the evenings (when it's nice out) and sit in the $5 wicker chair I have sitting back there, and watch them play and run among the leaves, the love it...and I love that it's FALL , lol (can you tell? lol)


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