Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's almost Christmas!!!

I realized today that Monday is November 1, which means  many things, one of which is that one of my favorite radio stations, 102.5 KEZK, will be going to all Christmas music all of the time starting on Monday.  YAYS!  It's their signature move and I LOVE it!  I know, I know...it's not Christmas, but to me, Christmas is celebrated all year.  Besides the fact that my religious beliefs are that 'JESUS is the reason for the season,' I feel that since it is, why does it have to be celebrated only one day?  I love everything about it...the REASON, where I have several creches (nativities and scenes) displayed throughout the house, right alongside Santas (he may not be the reason, but he's a symbol...St. Nicholas, the symbol that it's better to give than to receive, because that's how the gift giving began...this, we can do all year long, as well).  anyhoo, I've been listening the Christmas cds on and off for the past month or so.  All who knows me, knows that I enjoy decorating my home for the season.  Where I tend to put up many decorated trees, some just small, simplie tabletop trees, others, like the living room and master bedroom, more elaborate.  I tend to go overboard...last year, one of my oldest daughter's friends came by and said that it looked like Santa had thrown up on my tree, lol.  Well, some of you may not know this, but the tree in my master bedroom stays up 365 days a year.  It's white, usually with purple lights (they can be difficult to find with white caps and wire, though), and has a few Victorian pink balls on it, along with berry vines.  The other ornaments on it are those that my husband and I collect from places that we travel to.  They're the 24 kt gold laser cut and etched shiny golden ornaments that depict scenes of the places we've travelled to, such as Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, the Camp Lakewood Trout Lodge that we go to every summer, Hannibal Missouri from when we went w/my ex-sister-in-law & her new husband, and various states we've visited, along w/many more.  Our newest acquisition is one from Hermann, Missouri's Oktoberfest, where we went his past weekend.  And I stick a few berry picks in the top along w/some butterflies.  I just redid the ornaments today with the help of my oldest (I had to listen to her, 'are you serious, mother?' throughout it, but she did it, none-the-less, lol), and the lights are white now, as you can see in the pic.  I might tweek it a bit here and there still, haven't decided.  So right now, I'm propped up on my bed, with my golden retriever laying across  my feet, my rat terrier curled up under the blanket next to me, the window open w/a cool breeze blowing through, my pretty tree lit, and 'It's a Wonderful Life' on the boob-tube, lol...ya think there's meds for this condition? lol  My husband snickers at me for my craziness and my kids roll their eyes, lol but I don't care...they'd miss it if I didn't do it this way.

Oh, oh, forgot to tell everyone, I picked up a new tree for my kitchen the other day...I'm trying to remember where I bought it, I think it was Garden Ridge, anyhoo, it's PINK, I have gold, silver, green, even teal blue, but I hadn't picked up a pink one yet, so I did.  Didn't pay much for it, something like 8 bucks, it's about 2 feet tall.  I plan to decorate it with mini-cupcakes that I make, along w/ribbon candy ornaments (made from ribbon, I'll take pics of those and show-and-tell in a later post, but they're similar to the ones in this pic)...I just can't wait!!!  My kitchen boasts a large lithograph of Santa working in his kitchen making cookies and soup with the elves, he's wearing an apron, lol.  I keep this picture up all year, as well, it's just too cute not to.  I also picked up a tall 'skinny' tree at another thrift store that I frequent, Value Village, it's HUGE...it took over the old Big Lots store and it uses the entire floor space for it's goodies, that's how big it is.  They had the tree and it was only priced at $6.06 (yeah, they're one of those that puts a weird ending price on their tags, dunno why they do that, they're not tax-exempt or anything).  I think I'll be putting this outside on my front porch, next to my front door with white lights and red plastic balls...will show-and-tell when it all comes together.

I also found a new ornament I want to make...add it to my list, of course, lol.  Took this pic at Kohl's.  It's suppose to be a vintage postcard, it's been sprinkled with clear 'snow' glitter.  I have quite a few old Christmas cards that people have given me through the years and they would be perfect to turn into this.  I already have a large postcard stamp to look like the vintage back, w/a place for a stamp, etc.  Then the stamper w/writing and postmarks, all of which I have...trim them with decorative scissors, spray with spray glue and sprinkle...add an embellishment at the bottom, maybe a little plastic crystal, or a couple of beads, etc. and BOOM! DONE!!  wouldn't these be adorable and very economical gifts?  I think that's what I'm-a gonna do! and of course, it's been added to my very long list of 'to-dos' lol


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