Saturday, October 16, 2010

I've found the bird templates I plan to use

As you all know, I (and thousands of others), LOVE The Graphics Fairy's images that she posts for FREE use...they're generally vintage or antique, copyright free images, from vintage/antique post cards, cards, pamphlets, books, score sheets, music and various other things.  Well, I went over to The Graphics Fairy's blog and scrolled through her Birds section (where there's over 100 images of birds alone to download) and found a few that I think will work for the ornaments that I told ya'll about here.  I enlarged them by a few pixels on my computer and printed them on regular paper.  I have quite a bit of scrapbooking cardstock to choose from and plan to use some that will have a solid color on the back (some will be pink, some buttercream).  I'll cut them out to use as templates on vintage sheet music and the cardstock, cut those out, and spray glue them to the cardstock, then decorate to my heart's content.  Here's the bird images that I've chosen for this project...if you want to give it a go, as well, head over to her birds tab and download the images to your 'puter to print out...if you decide to download them, give her a lil 'thank you' by 'following' her blog, she works so hard on the images she provides for us.  What'a ya think? you think these images would make for good bird ornaments like the ones in the pic on my post? NOTE: DO NOT PRINT THE BIRDS FROM THIS PAGE...FIRST AND FOREMOST, THEY ARE NOT MY IMAGES TO GIVE...AND SECOND, THEY WON'T TURN OUT RIGHT, WHEN YOU INCREASE THE PIXELS, THEY WILL BE DISTORTED.  MAKE SURE TO GET THEM FROM THE SOURCE, The Graphics Fairy SO THAT THE DOWNLOAD AND PRINTING WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!
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