Sunday, October 3, 2010

I've made some changes...can you tell?

Although I've been blogging for almost 2 years now, I'm still learning LOTs about what I can do, add, I can do this or that, make it look or do this or's exciting when I finally figure something out, lol, like Feedburner...ugh.  I LOVE it now, but I had to just figure it out, is that's exactly what I did, I just started clicking around on it, it won't hurt anything, don't be afraid, seriously...the worst that will happen is that it won't do what you thought it was gonna do and you'll just go back and 'undo' it.  It took me a bit, but I gotter'done!  I worked it out on my other blog first, Thrifty and Frugal, then once I finally noticed that it had worked (through various trial and error, lol), I decided to do it to Lavender Cove.  As you can see, at the right, you can now subscribe to this blog, so whenever I make a post (although I don't do it on this blog as often as I want to), it'll go straight to your email, so you'll know I've made a post, what it is, and an idea about what it's about so you can click on it to read the rest.  Also, I finally engineered a 'button' for Lavender Cove, so that anyone of you that have your own blog or site, can grab my html code and put it on your blog (as I've done for some of yours).  change is crazy, but exciting, don't ya think?  I think THIS change for THIS blog made it much better and prettier (don't worry, the background will change all the time, it does on the other blog too, it's my 'personality' shining through, lol).


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