Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I plan to make these 2 aDORable Christmas ornaments!

I was at JCPenney today and was looking at their Christmas section, which is always quite small, ughh...anyhoo, I saw these two adorable ornaments on a tree that I thought I'm just gonna HAVE to make...and they look like they're going to be super simple.  A small box, diorama-type ornament which is open (doesn't have a window over it), w/lots of faux snow, with a vintage scene, which many can now be found on Christmas cards at the store, downloaded for free at places like the Graphics Fairy, and such.  And then the 2nd ornament is a thin posterboard bird, trimmed in vintage looking tinsel roping, and covered in vintage-look sheet music, which, again, is so easy to find nowadays, thanks to scrapbooking sections in stores, OR just use vintage music that you might have on hand or look for at the thrift shop...and it's decorated with the simplest and cheapes craft item, pipe cleaners.  And they were charging 5.99 and 7.99 for these ornaments! wowzers.  Don't these just look adorable and so simple to make?  I'm gonna...I'll post pics when I finally get around to doin' it, lol...I'll add it to The 'LIST'


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