Thursday, October 21, 2010

I started my musical bird Christmas ornaments today

I went to a little thrift shop today, I hadn't been to it in several months (shame on me, 'cause they're very inexpensive).  And they had alot of sheet music books.  So I went through them and picked the ones that the music lines were close enough together, tossed out the 'school class' band books (for 6th grade trumpet, etc), and tossed out the ones that were stark white (there's no fun in looking 'new'...blah), and I finally ended up with the ones in the pic...I spent $4.50 on all these books and there's aLOT of pages in a few of those books, and I've already started chopping them up, lol.

I put my pattern on the pages and started tracing them, then cut them out.  I plan to glue them on tinted cardstock (so there's color on the back) and will embellish accordingly.  I'm off to a great'll take a few days for me to get some done, I tend to be all over the place at the same time, lately...or at least that's how I feel sometimes, lol.  But, alas, a train trip and wine tasting is in my near future (Saturday, yum), can't wait, rain or not, I'm GOin!

don't ya think my birdie ornaments are gonna look just like the $5.99 ones at JCPenneys????  actually, they're gonna look even BETTER, cuz it's ME that's making them, lol...I'll post pics of the finished products in a few days.


Swtlilchick said...

You are finding so many great thrift store buys,
i'm jealous our thrift store is not that good.
I just adore the bird ornaments would look great
on the Christmas tree.I think a antique finish
would look nice on them.You have an interesting

Debbie Hewitt said...

Thanks Swt lil Chick...I shop all around the STL area at thrift stores, I've noticed that the ones in the smaller 'burbs tend to be cheaper, as their rent is cheaper so they don't have to overprice things. Sometimes it's just dumb luck stumbling upon some of my finds, I do get lucky! and, I never even thought of an antique finish on the music ornaments, that sounds like the PERfect finish...I'm gonna try it!

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