Sunday, October 10, 2010

Printed picture on a vintage book page

so, the next time you're at a yard sale or thrift shop and you can find a larger vintage book for 50 cents or so, you should grab it and put some of those pages to use.  I'm a book fiend, seriously...I think there's support groups for people like me.  And being such, it took me quite a long time to finally say, 'ok, I can use some of these pages for crafts'  and the first time I actually cut into the book and page, I almost cried.  It was almost as if I was cutting a friend...destroying them to where they would be no more.  I tried this and that w/the book, tags, bookmarks and such...and then I stumbled across this lil craft.  I've not made any yet, but I plan to...I just can't decide which picture to use yet, lol.  I do know, that I'll use pictures from The Graphics Fairy...who shares copyright free vintage clips for free download for one and all to use as they wish.


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