Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A 'must have' right now: Martha's pumpkin carving kit

For several years, my daughters and I have rustled around the house collecting this and that, or anything that we could use to make interesting carvings, holes, and such on our pumpkins...we have a tendancy to use a my metal pastry tubes to poke holes, but we often come out with scars from being cut, lol NOT safe...I've tried everything from taping them at the end to using plastic cap covers to keep the ends from cutting us, to no avail, as the metal is thin and cuts right through whatever I use.  BUT, I've been eyeing a kit from Martha's kitchen and fall line for a couple of years now, ever since she put it together.  I've looked all around this year, and everyone says it's 'out of stock,' online and instore, yet I just saw her carving pumpkins with Johnny Knoxville on her new Hallmark show today, they were using the tools, AND she gave him a set...ughhh, no wonder they aren't in stock, lol.  But, alas, I will continue to search...it looks a bit pricey, but it'll be an investment for future year's use, as well, and to make the carving a bit easier on mine and my youngster's hands.  The scoop looks a bit cheesey, I think sturdy ice cream scoops work better, or heavy metal cooking spoons.  So ar, I've searched Macy's and Amazon...haven't tried eBay yet....KMart use to carry Martha's junk, I mean, products, but don't anymore...I forget who picked her line up, is it Target? hmmm, dunno, but I WILL prevail!


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