Friday, November 5, 2010

A beautiful large platter w/pink roses..only $3.69!

So, I found a new resale shop the other day..called Pams Consignments, so I went in, and I'm glad I did.  She had a stack of antique flow blue plates (a total of 12 plates in 5 different sizes) all for only $4.50! and they're BEAUTIFUL!  so, of course, I bought them, lol, I'll prolly stick'em in LC's Etsy store, eventually.  Then I went to the Salvation Army, on of my favorite stores, of course...and found literal OODLES of great stuff.  One good find was a set of nesting vintage Fire King bowls in 3 different colors for $3.99!  Another was this beautiful LARGE and deep vintage meat platter, that has NO cracks or chips AND no crazing!  I pd a whopping $3.69 for it...isn't it gorgeous?!  pink roses on pale green vines (decals) w/hand painted gold scrolls around the handle ends.  I think it is, anyway, and it's just my style too...the question is, do I really NEED it? lol  I have several of these gorgeous thinks I will go through the ones I have and see if there's one I should part with and put this one in it's place.
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