Friday, September 16, 2011

Wanna hear a Creepy, Spooky REAL LIFE story??

Warning, this story is TRUE, it really did happen to me, just this morning, and if you get creeped out and the skeevies really easy, as much as I'd like for you to stay on my blog, you may not want to read this particular post, lol...I'm being serious.

So, I've not been sleeping all that well lately, nothing new there.  With my health problems, my sleep pattern isn't really a pattern anymore, lol, so I slept-in a little later than I intended.  I woke up to the dogs AND cats nagging me for their breakfast.  I looked at the clock and it said 10:47 am (our clock is set 30 min or so early), so it was around 10:17 am.  The first thing I always do when I wake up is check my cell phone for any missed calls, especially since I'm waiting on a call from my surgeon.  No missed calls.  BUT, I DID have a voicemail.  Now, this is weird, odd, and increasingly strange, because with Sprint, there's literally no way I could've had a NEW voicemail with NO missed calls.  I saw that it was from my husband (he calls me several times a day, so I really didn't think anything of it).  Even tho it weirded me out that I didn't have any missed calls, I listened to my was 2 seconds long.  It was the creepiest 2 seconds I've ever heard.  This voice was NOT my husband's, although it was from his work cellphone.  This was the creepiest voice I've ever heard by my own ears in my entire life.  The voice said two words, each one syllable, however the words couldn't be made out.  I immediately knew something was wrong.  I called my husband and asked if he'd called.  He said he'd been calling me all morning, no less than 8 times (which is way more than usual) and I'm like, 'what? why? what's goin' on?'  He then goes on to explain how he'd been in a car accident at 8:35 am (nothing major..well, it was sorta, but everyone was ok).  I knew that he wasn't hurt because I could hear banging and such in the background like he was in a mechanic's shop, which turned out to be the firehouse of the town (Fenton) he was heading to a jobsite in.  He explained the accident, how it would've been so much worse had he not switched lanes in time, so worse that the other driver who was in a small car, if he'd been hit by my husband's large Yukon, may not have survived.  Instead, my husband avoided the accident, only to have a woman in an Explorer slam into him.  Then the man in the car who caused the accident, didn't even slow down, but fled the scene and no one was able to get his plate number.  Everyone's fine, her Explorer was barely scathed, but my husband's front passenger side can't say the same.

So, I explain to him about the message...are you ready for this?  Although he called a multitude of times, he never left a message.  When the voicemail would pick up, he'd disconnect the line, not leaving any messages.  Now, by this time, I was thoroughly creeped out!  He wanted me to meet him to move things from his vehicle to mine for when it would be taken to the shop.  I met him and let him listen to the message.  He was thoroughly creeped out also.  I asked him if he'd called around 10:17, so he looked through his outgoing calls.  He didn't place any calls to me between 10-10:30 am.  We just looked at each other.

If I could figure out how to transfer this 2 second voicemail into a sound bite for you all to hear, I would.  It literally sounded like the demonic voice from Paranormal Activity, and I'm not joking, I wish I was.  I made sure my husband still had his guardian angel coin with him, and done an errand or two and went home...CAREFULLY, calling my oldest to make sure she'd made it home from school safely, as well..  I let my eldest listen to it, after explaining it all.  She was creeped out, but immediately said maybe it was a ghost call or butt call.  No, it was neither.  Ghost and butt calls last longer than 2 seconds and you hear background noise and such.  This was a evil sounding, echoey, growly voice, saying 2 words, over 2 seonds, then immediately disconnecting, and from my husband's cellphone.

The creepiest thing about all this?  the voicemail is time stamped for the very moment I awoke.

Creeped out????  I am....STILL!  It's giving me goosebumps just talking about it.  My daughter done a room cleansing (her bedroom) just in case, lol, so she'd be able to sleep tonight, we decided NOT to tell the youngest or discuss it in front of her (she's 12, and wouldn't be able to sleep for weeks if she knew).  My oldest and I are both now carrying a freshly charged crystal, and I'll give my husband and youngest one to carry, as well, even though she won't know why, but will just be told it's for positive energy (she'll be fine with that, I'm always rambling on about rocks and stones and their energies). 

All my life I've had creepy things happen to me prior to an accident or someone dieing, or something extremely significant happening.  Usually it's weird feelings that won't leave me be or dreams, but never anything this blunt and vivid.  This technically happened at the moment I awoke...why?  What's the significance?  What or who was speaking and what were they trying to convey with just 2 unidentifiable words?  My husband and everyone else survived the accident, and the damange isn't so significant that the insurance company won't even 'total' the car.  Or is it something that's still yet to come?  I hope not.  I hope that it was some weird cell tower fluke that was NOTHING, but just that, a weird cell tower fluke making noice that mimicked a creepy voice saying two syllable words.

what do you think?  what's your take on my morning experience?  please share, I'm curious.


Melissa said...

That totally creeped me out, I got goosebumps, too.
Can't even imagine how to explain that one.
The voicemail was when you woke up, not when he had the accident, and he called like 8 times, not just once, and not at all at that time. Yeah, it doesn't make much sense.

Anonymous said...

my name is louise my frenids mum woke up with a voicemail but NO missed call the voicemail lasted about 15 to 23 seconds , as this voicemail was left she was dreamin about her grandad that she hadnt seen is some time , he was sat in a brown chair , when she went to visit her gandad he was sat in the chair that she dremt , there was 2 voicemails that was left three oclock saturday night sunday mornin , like debbie these voices was creepy demon like voice all though u can make out some words it says , (dam you , okey ) anyone have any ideas the the hell could this be ? sounds like some extersiserm demon like voice :S xx

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