Monday, September 12, 2011

This year's Basil crop, and the mess I've made of my tomatoes!

LOTs of beautiful basil...mmmmm, smells devine!  If any of you need some great basil seeds, the GLOBE basil is a great variety.  You can see their goreousness in this pic.  I went ahead and let some go to flower, this way I can get some more seeds (as if I need any more, lol  I still have like a gazillion from last year), plus I think the flowers are pretty to see when I go into my garden.

Now, my tomato bed?  THAT is a different story, even though the pretty basil is planted on the edges of the bed surrounding them.  Look at this mess, just look at it.

The hubs is like, 'well, I would've made you two more A-frames for another bed so you could've spread them out more.' ugh...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOW ya tell me!  I packed 12 tomatoe plants in this 4X8 bed, where I should've only planted no more than 8.  What happens is the plants compete for the nutrients in the soil.  I can amend the soil and even add Miracle Grow and other stuff until the cows come home, but it's not gonna make these plants produce any more than they're already doing, which isn't many.  In fact, they've STOPPED producing.  All I have are some buds and quite a few green tomatoes, which I'm lucky that the bugs haven't gotten, considering they just will NOT turn colors for anything, all because they're too cramped.  They're living among each other in a tomato jungle.  NEXT year, I will definitely do the two beds with a total of 4 A-frames, and that way I can plant 16 plants that should be happy and healthy and productive! 

My pumpkins...oh my, my pumpkins.  The problem I have is that my garden expansion wasn't done in time to get them planted when they needed to be, so they're going to be a 'late' crop, if any.  All I have are blooms, that's it, nothing in the slightest that even remotely looks like a pumpkin or the beginning of a pumpkin.  I fear that I'll not have any of those pretty white, yellow, and orange pumpkins that I planted!  :(   BUT, I have some very pretty gourds!

(I tried to post a few pics, but blogger was giving me fits, but will add them in the next day or so for everyone to see!!)
 Still no stalks on the Brussels Sprouts.  Those were 'Martha Stewart' brand, so I'll be switching next year, sorry Martha.

these poor looking brussels sprouts!


Wendy said...

Miracle Gro Tomato Food can help, since you can foliar feed in addition to adding to the soil. But, like you have said, the cultural conditions are working against you.

You might consider thinning out a couple of the weaker tomato plants. The remaining plants would thrive and your tomato production would be far better on 8 happy plants than 12 unhappy ones. Tomato plants hate to be moved, but if you're very, very careful about disturbing the roots it can be done.

If you can't bring yourself to transplant or thin the plants, your next best option is to prune. The plants you have need light and air, in addition to nutrients. The moist, dark conditions created by your tomato jungle could lead to ideal conditions for fungal growth.

I hope the rest of your growing season goes well! I love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Wendy, I was thinking about doing what you said, thinning. But since all of the 12 tomato plants are no less than 5 foot tall, with several over 6 foot tall, I don't know which to thin out. I think I'll give the 'pruning' option that you suggest a go. Between the two A-frames, there's definitely not much air and light getting in there, so those will definitely be the first to be pruned down. When I do stuff like that, I always get bummed, like I'm getting rid of 'goodness,' but since they're not doing well, that's not much 'goodness' to be getting rid of. Thank you so much for your suggestions..I'm gonna try'em!

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