Thursday, March 22, 2012

The end is near? really? Haven't we been hearing that every decade??

Ok, so, as you can tell by this post's title, I'm not really one of those firm believers that the end of the world is gonna happen on 12-21-12.  I mean, seriously people???  The Mayans' calendar was just that, a calendar.  They couldn't keep it up forever, a round rock/boulder can only be so big to make hieroglyphs on to depict months, days, & years, a rock isn't endless (which is the material they used to build their calendar we're speaking of).  Did you ever think that maybe the dude making that calendar got tired of making it?  or maybe he went blind or got bitten by a jungle bug and died, or while chiseling 12-21-12, he chiseled his hand off and couldn't continue? or just got tired of missing all the great parties and food...and chicks??? lol seriously?  People are trying to say that a group of individuals hundreds of years ago said, 'hey...we need to stop this calendar.  Seems that we've figured out that there won't be any days AFTER 12-21-12.'?  right...whatever!!  The Mayans' descendants themselves state that it means NOTHING that the calendar ended, it just DID, it means nothing. And, btw, what about Leap Years??? ever think about that??? every 4 years we gain a day on the calendar to make up for the difference in the earth's rotation.  Granted, Leap Year has been around for a long while (all the way back to Roman times), but not before the Mayans made their calendar, so if you take that into consideration, then the world would've ended almost a full year ago...and we're still here, AND we still have a calendar (actually, I already have my 2013 calendar, so I already know that there's days after calendar says so, lol).  I do not believe, and no one will ever be able to convince me, that a person or a group of people could just up and say, 'the planet and survival on it as a whole, will cease to exist on such-and-such date.'  There's no way that could ever happen...ever.  Think about it in facts, not doomsday or prophecy standpoints.  Earth, a planet in our solar system.  HUGE ass mo-fo, right?  Yes, man (the deadliest creature to mankind on this planet, himself) has the capability to wreak major havoc upon the planet, essentially screwing up Mother Nature's ability to function correctly.  Outside of man, you have asteroids and meteors, the Sun, and other planets if the Earth or one of the other planets decided to knock off its trajectory course that it's settled into over the past billion years.  Don't even factor in weather, because this 'crazy' weather was occurring hundreds of years ago, and they were calling it 'crazy' then, too...the weather hasn't changed, it's just doing the same thing it's always done, it goes in cycles, it always has, and it always will, and besides, the weather won't be the end of the world.  Those are the facts.  Now, one of those would have to occur in order for the 'world' to cease to exist.  Most use 'end of the world' as an all inclusive statement to include 'end of times' as we know it, not necessarily the planet.  If THAT'S the case, then that just leaves a few of those facts.  Because we all know that if the Sun or a planet collides with Earth...poof, no more Earth and we wouldn't care less about a calendar, let alone if we stockpiled enough Ramen noodles to make us through to the next decade while in our basement shelter with only a non-flushing bucket as a toilet, lol.  Ok, so that leaves meteors, asteroids, and man to 'hurt' the earth, as well as EMPs or major flares from the Sun that can disrupt natural ways of Earth (and man).  The asteroids and meteors...they happen all the time, but in cataclysmic proportions?  no.  We hear talk about the one coming next year, 2013, but in theory, the world (or man) isn't gonna be around then anyway, so we won't even go there.  That leaves man and EMPs.  EMPs can disrupt the way of life, but the world won't end, and we'll definitely still need a calendar.  That leaves MAN.  When you REALLY think about it, I mean REALLY think about it, and hard, not just in fleeting thoughts, do you REALLY think that country A wants to bomb country B?  That they don't have their OWN scientists informing them that yes, where they will blow country B off the map and cripple them to their demise so they'll go away and leave them alone forever, that within less than 3 months, the demise of their own country will follow from the ramifications and consequences set forth by their own bombs?  Do you REALLY, deep down, REALLY think that they're that stupid?  No.  Peeps, they're not that stupid.  Yes, Bin Laden and Sadam Hussein were whack jobs, and a whack job could definitely blow us to smitherines, but did they get a chance to do it?  in small proportions, like 9-11, yes, but in nationwide proportions?  No....why?  because we're might, we're strong, and we're smart (our country, our spies and investigators, and such), we know when/if it's gonna happen, to what degree, we secretly and covertly know who has what kind of weapons and what/who they plan to use them on and when.  We hunt men down in the dead of night like the dogs they are, in pits in the ground, and drag them to their knees in front of God (Allah), their 'people,' and the rest of the world to face justice (in whatever form that ends up being).  And before anyone can say it, no, I'm not one of those people that 'believes everything my government says,' or thinks that 'my government will always be there to help.'  I've always worked for the government, state or federal, I know that they're only out for themselves, I know how they weed out the 'dead weight,' but I also know that they're smarter and up to so much more than some of the nation's craziest conspiracy theorists could imagine...don't ever assume anything about anything (assumption is the mother of all *screw* ups).  My point?  what was my point?  oh, right, the calendar and 12-21-12...not gonna happen.  It's just gonna be another day of Holiday shopping, cookie baking, and people going to/from will awaken on 12-22-12 to realize...there's only 3 days until Christmas!!  so, with that said, make sure your shopping and decorating is done, because when you wake up on 12-22-12 and realize everyone is still alive and well, and all is well with the world (as 'well' as it can be, anyway) and you've not gotten one gift yet, you're gonna be hurtin' for certain!

Disclaimer:  This was just me, rambling some thoughts...freedom of speech and all that jazz.  Feel free to chime in if you like.  Do YOU believe the 'end' will be on 12-21-12??


Melissa said...

My thoughts exactly. I've been hearing the world was going to end, and End Times, since I was a kid. My Mom said she heard it, and her grandmother heard the same thing back in the early 1900's, so you might figure every generation back to biblical times and probably even before has been hearing it.

That said, I do have some concerns about the state of America. I keep reminding myself we've gone through bad times, even economic collapses before and came out intact. I'm sure people then said the same thing I say now, "But it's different nowadays".
Now, we don't have the same morals, and the "PC" thing has been hammered into us, and anyone speaking up and standing up for their rights are vilified as a Religious nut, racist, or right-wing extremist.

Debbie Hewitt said...

Sorry for the late response. I'm with you on all of that, Melissa. This is what I wonder: during the depression, did people feel so much economical despair as they do these days? is it the same (but different), or is it completely and totally different? you know? like, despite the reasons for the economic 'downs,' is it different just because it's happening to US? When you ponder the philosophy of it all, it can get 'deep.' No matter who wants to blame whom, it doesn't change the fact that it's not happening to that particular person alone, it's happening to every single one of us. Even the gazillionares are dwindling down to their last billions lol I laugh, but it's true, partially, I think, because they don't know how to budget because they've never had to (or at least for the self-mades, they've not had to for quite a while)

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