Sunday, March 4, 2012

OMG, I think the ghost is GONE!!! Seriously!!

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So, after the ghost done that final shoving of books and stuff off the top of a box at my poor golden retriever, lol (who, btw, seems to have recovered completely from the trauma, lol), I've not sensed it, nor has ANYthing, literally, ANYTHING happened since.  Ok, I'm trying to remember, did I tell ya'll in my last post that the day the  box incident happened, I was researching things, cleansing rituals and such, and was jabbering to my pal Kelsey (over at Chic'n Savvy Reviews), and she stayed online with me the entire time I tried some, which also included the basic, bare bones 'you're dead. move along to where ever, even if you don't want to move toward the light, which will give you peace, at the very least, move on to my neighbor on that side of the house, he's a very hateful bastard and ya'll should get along quite well' lol, and said 'you're not welcome here, this is my home, you're freaking out my kids, but as you can see, they sleep soundly, so you don't scare them or me.'  Then, of course, Kelsey was on messenger and said 'say peanut butter and jelly so I know it's YOU and not the ghost possessing you' lol so I did.  Then less than 20 min later, the box thing happened, BUT, not before I'd set out no less than 5 very large quartz and smokey quartz, which had been basking in a bowl of pure salt for over 24 hrs (I wanted those suckers thoroughly cleansed, by golly, lol).  I put them in the living room, entryway, my desk/table, the kitchen, dining room, and bedrooms.  After that...nothing.  I'm remaining hopeful that it truly was a 'passing thru' ghost, who tend to do that to see if they can get attention, give fear, and just have fun doing it, and when the family stands up to them or doesn't wan to play along, they move on.  We truly haven't 'felt' anything in the house since that day, the 'oppressed' type feeling is gone, we're all more positive about just daily things, no one's paranoid anymore,'s a nice, peaceful feeling.  Although....we've STILL not found my youngest's iPod touch :(  I think it was a passing gift of a 'pissed off' ghost to hide it, ughh!  But by golly, we'll pay that price!  KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED FOR US!!


Melissa said...

Yay! Hope it's gone for good.

ChicnSavvy said...

Hahhaa Peanut Butter Jelly :-)

Glad it is (FINGERS CROSSED) Gone!! I ended up watching ghost hunters the other night after that extravaganza.. couldn't sleep well. I thought your ghost came to visit me :-P

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