Monday, March 19, 2012

The new re-decorating of the front porch is coming right along!

No pics for ya yet, but soon.  Yesterday was a busy and tiring, and back breaking day!  We took EVERYTHING off the front porch (including the bird house that houses a very active nest, and has for several years, no worries, though, we put it right back a few hours later, lol we were getting spied upon by the residents and chirped at very loudly until it got replaced, lol), and set it ALL onto two huge tarps (it's muddy here in STL).  Then, the hubs began power washing, and the girls and I began painting.  ugh, painting wicker is a very tireless task that I do not wish on my worst neighbor....well, maybe my WORST one, lol.  Then, one pc at a time, I had it brought up to the porch and I personally placed the item, and not everything 'made the cut.'  The girls always have a bucket of water guns and a bucket of sidewalk chalk on the porch for a quick grab and! not anymore!! to the garden they went, no planters without strict guidelines on this newly decorated (and CLEAN) porch).  ooooooh, wait until you see it...I showed some 'sneak peak' pics to a couple of pals today and they were ooo-ing and ah-ing, lol.  The furniture is in place, now for the decorating, the fun part, but tedious, because I'm a thrifter, I'm not going to buy any of it unless I have to and unless I can get it for a good price.  PLUS, I'm making the pillow covers (burlap, remember our discussing this in a few posts back????).  Stay tuned hopefully sometime this week or weekend for the reveal pics!!


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