Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A funny thing happened on the way home last night...true story!

The hubs and I went to South County (STL) for an advanced screening for The Lucky One (I can't tell you what I thought about it until after it releases..and this isn't about the movie anyway, so...moving on).  He was coming from work, and I was coming from home, which are from two opposite directions, and met in the middle at TGIFridays for dinner, then went to the movie.  When we left the theatre, we were in separate cars, and I went through a drive through for something to drink, so that put him ahead of me  As I was getting close to home from the 20 miles away I'd gone, I got less than 1 miles from home and on the side of the interstate, I spied an overturned antique white wicker chair!! I couldn't pull over right then, traffic was pushing me (you know how that is), so I came down to our exit, went back up the highway 2 miles to the next exit, got BACK on the highway headed home and drove slowly watching for it, hoping someone else hadn't stopped and grabbed it in the 10 minutes it had taken me.  Well, it was still there.  So I drove past it so that I could put it in my back hatch without walking in front of the 80 mile an hr traffic, and as I was backing up, I hit the side rail, scraping the paint off my tire well, ugh...about a 2" area, not as bad as it could've been.  BUT, alas, I got the chair.  As I picked the chair up, still intact, I poked my thumb on something and the blood began to pour.  The entire time, my husband was on the phone with me, and he's a bit squeamish when it comes to someone else's blood whether he can see it or not, and I could hear his butthole puckering with him about to pass out as he heard me whining about getting the white chair bloody, rofl.  BUT, like I said, I GOT the chair.  It is vintage, possibly antique, not in the super best condition, but good enough to put out back with the other vintage mismatched white wicker chairs I have sitting in the shade by the garden.  When I get the leg brace repositioned (I think the force from the fall knocked it loose), and get it in place, I'll snap a pic and add it here for ya'll to see.  Now, hopefully, I won't need a tetanus shot rofl


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