Wednesday, March 16, 2011

UPDATE: to add pic of my 'mators! Free-Standing Tomato Trellises

I'm just fed up with fighting with my tomatoes.  Last year most of my 12 plants grew to 6 feet you know how hard it is to find and make appropriate stakes to accommodate a 6 foot tomato plant? lol not so easy.  So then I came up with the idea of using a modified version of a cucumber trellis that is slanted.  But I don't know about that.  Then, I came across this plan for free standing tomato trellises, and I vaguely remember hearing about them, but never really studied on how to do them.  I think I may talk to the hubs and have a 'discussion' with him about this idea, lol.  The site that I got it from was the Vegetable Gardener, and in the article, it has a link that you can click to download the .pdf file of the plans.

(photo courtesy of Vegetable Garden .pdf)
 The plan is simple enough.  I don't usually grow my tomatoes in a row like this, but would consider it for this trellis idea if it's a solution for my 'mator growing woes! and HOPEfully, I'll be able to plant and grow them this years.

This was my tomato patch just a few weeks after I planted them...not producting at this size yet.


meemsnyc said...

Looks like an interesting idea. My tomato plants didn't get as tall as that. Wow!

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