Friday, April 15, 2011

I have bunnies in my GARDEN again!! grrr

This is LAST YEAR'S pic, but this is the basic idea of what we do...we walk the garden, lol
As SOON as I say, 'lets go to the garden' the dogs are waiting at the door, then race each other
down to the garden and stand at the gate and wait for me to open it, lol  they're hilarious!
So, many times a week, the dogs and I go down to the garden for a walk-thru, I love my garden, love being inside that fence, lol.  Mainly, because last year, the guy I bought my topsoil from gave me JUNK topsoil, meaning rocks galore!!  So after each rain, the dogs and I go down and pick rocks out of each of the garden bed, then I run my Weasel through and wait for the next rain and we do it all over again...of course Angel, AKA Booker, the rat terrier, has a rock fetish, so I have to watch her, for she'll snatch a rock in her mouth and run off with it...idiot dog.  So yesterday, I look for Sienna, the golden, and she's fixating.  Ok, for ya'll that know how golden retrievers, they are just that, golden and they love to retrieve, but when they retrieve, they focus on the object, that way they know exactly where to run to get the item as it falls from the sky.  Well, Sienna fixates continuously, all day long...a chewy, something that she doesn't even know what it is on the book shelf or counter, it doesn't matter.  So, back to the garden, she's fixating on a spot UNDER a low white metal garden that I have centered in the middle for the sprinkler to rest on.  I go over and see just dried grass, but it's in a swirl, so I know something's down there.  I ask her, 'whats down there girl?' and she reaches under with her paw and pulls the grass back to show me bunny fur (the mamas put their shedded fur in the nest to help keep the babies warm).  She looked at me as if to ask, 'can I have them?' lol  then I'm like OMG, ok, dogs, everyone out of the garden...which they didn't do. I had to swat them to run them to the gate, then they ran back to the nest, then I did it took several swats to get them out of the garden.  Then once out of the garden, they circled it.  Like the bunnies were gonna jump out for them.

ughhhh, why me???  seriously!  and since it's so early, I know that it's a nest, and the babies probably don't even have hair on them, so I have to leave them for a bit.  ughhhh, whyyyyyyyyyyy me?????  The fense this year will be double reinforced with rabbit wire...we have chicken wire halfway up...we'll move the chicken wire to the top half of the fence and put the tougher and tighter (and more expensive) rabbit wire on the bottom half of the garden...which means, a very busy weekend!!!


Corner Gardener Sue said...

We just finished putting chicken wire around the chain link fence that's around the vegetable garden. I have seen some heavy damage on the asters in the back yard. I have seen a bunny, and today, when I saw it, I sprayed the area with a pepper repellent. I hope you get your problem solved so they don't help themselves to your produce.

I have CNN on, and they keep saying the president is going to address the U.S. and the world in a few minutes. I wonder what it's about. They said it's not Libya.

Debbie Hewitt said...

...and now we know, exactly what he was addressing 'us' about!

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