Saturday, March 12, 2011

Check out some great FREE gardening and outdoors stuff I've 'dug' up!

We all love FREE, right?  How about some gardening, outdoorsy, or 'urban farming' type of freebies?
Well, here ya go!!

Lowe’s Outdoor Ideas mag, as well as other Lowe’s Creative mags. to choose from, 3 paper form and 10 email newsletters to choose from

FREE pedometer (this does come, I got mine) challenge yourself and see how many steps you take in a normal gardening week

FREE pr of ear plugs (choose from 3) they give 5,000 away per day…(these DO come, I got mine), they’re GREAT for when you’re using loud machinery and equipment like tillers and such

FREE pr of scissors.  GREAT to keep in your gardening kit

Sign up for Tomato Heirloom’s Newsletter and they’ll send you a FREE Basil Seed Pack, containing 1 each of Classic Genovese, Dark Purple Opal, and Lemon Basil (the newsletter signup box is over at the right)
(I don't know if these come, I just found it, thought I'd share)

FREE 3 yr mag. Sub. To ‘Living the Country Life’ has farming, gardening, chicken and other animal raising info and more. (this DOES come, I get it and I usually find at least one thing in the short mag. that I like or that applies to the type of 'outdoorsy' person I am, gardening, etc.)


Garden Hoard said...

Signed up for a few freebies. Very cool! Thanks for the post! :)

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