Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nuclear Meltdowns...this will effect if I garden veggies this year or not

With all that's happening around the world already, the natural disaster in Japan hits hard.  So many lives are lost, with more feared to be confirmed.  Then, to add to the horrible devastation, there's already 2 of the nuclear containment units in meltdown.  How it occurs, can effect many lives....including us, way over here in the US (and we're in the Midwest).  If it reacts to the meltdown by allowing too much nuclear contamination out into the atmosphere, it can be devastating for the entire planet.  If too much nuclear fallout gets into the atmosphere, it WILL 'go with the flow,' so to speak, and circulate, eventually making its way to continents near and far to them.  I'm watching the coverage of it with deep interest.  If too much is released, escapes, rather, it can effect the moisture and rain we'll be getting in the coming months, with potential contamination (even if in mild amounts), of our soil, and yes, our newly sown garden plants.  If it seems that it will be getting to an immeasurable amount, I'll choose not to plant edible items this year...which is not sitting well with me!  I love my gardens, veggie and floral, but not to the point that I want to potentially harm my family, which can cause stomach problems, long-term problems if too much is consumed, bowel issues, and so much more.  It will take away the 'organic' meaning of our gardens completely.

Of course, what I'm discussing is an extreme possibility...they're working frantically to keep the majority of the nuclear contaminates contained.  What I'm discussing above is a worst-case-scenario that I know we ALL do not want to witness happen for our lovely planet Earth.

Does anyone want to weigh in on my thoughts and fears regarding this issue?


meemsnyc said...

It is pretty scary to think that could happen. If you don't grow any produce, what will you eat?

Debbie Hewitt said...

I guess we'll eat canned and frozen, plus all canned and frozen will be price jumping if it gets to that point, supply and demand, worldwide actually. It's getting scarier, unfortunately. With every explosion, they get closer to a complete meltdown. It'll be at that time that I'll have to make my decision. The more that's in the air, the more there is to blow around and to hang in the upper atmosphere and weigh down lower and lower, and the more likely it will be that the rain will be effected. Even the slightest injestion of a radiation contaminated veggie could effect us, or my kids for their future, even if the effects aren't seen until they're adults. I may be presumptuous, I hope I am. I just need to emotionally prepare to the possibility that I won't grow veggies this year. I'll sacrifice my veggie garden for a growing season, then replace the soil next spring and start anew, if it means the slightest chance of not effecting my kids. We'll have to see when it's all over in the next week what the low pd scientists say (they're the ones that do all the work, lol, not the ones that make all the money). Time will tell.

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