Saturday, November 27, 2010

It is officially time for the Christmas decorating to commence!

My first Christmas tree of the!  can you see the ribbon candy ornaments?  In an earlier post, I showed some ribbon candy ornaments made out of striped grograine ribbon...I made these out of  2 different colored ribbons, one spool of white and one spool of pink.  I cut their lengths and folded them at the same time so one side is pink and the other is white.  Then I ran the doubled thread through the center with a small crystal on the bottom, tied it off w/a small round crystal bead at the top and hung a filigreed ornament hanger from the thread...and viola, done.  I've tweaked the tree since this pic was taken, I put 3 pink ostrich feathers in the top and some tiny floral crystaline picks in the branches...adorable, I think...and of course, I just HAD to put my faux goodies with it.   Today I prepared about 17-20 floral picks from a bunch of cream roses and pink poinsettias that I got for super cheap at a thrift store...I plan to use them on the staircase bannister's garland.  I usually put shatterproof balls, but think I'm going a different route this year.  I post pics when I get it done.


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