Friday, December 3, 2010

Just LOOK at these GORGemous huge vintage ball oranments!!!

Check out the beautimous vintage ornaments that I picked up at one of my favorite thiftin' stops for less than $5 for alllllllllllllllllll of them!  and they're huge.  The round ornaments are actually 3 different you can see in one of the bottom pics, there's a small red glittered bulb in the box with 5 other more larger ornaments, that lil red one is the smalles one and it's 3", which is 6" around!  the others are much larger!  There's one broken, and nope, it wasn't broken when she packed it in the bag, but she was just a teenager so it wasn't packed very well anyway, dangit! and it was PINK too...don't they know that my Christmas theme is PINK this year?  ughhh!  The boxes of ball ornaments were only, get this, $1.01 each per box.  The vintage orange bells, yes, they're a bit gaudy, but they're vintage, AND they were only 60 cents! 

THEN, at the same store, I picked this vintage enamelware pan up for $2.53 (weird numbers, I know, lol). 
darn...thought I'd uploaded those...I'll get'em uploaded and show you the 'end result' which is TO die for, love love love it, adorable...I'll keep you guessing until then, lol.


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