Monday, September 13, 2010

isn't this lil cake adorable???

Don't you just LOVE this cake?  What do you think it is?  If you look closely, you'll see a light bulb...your mind will wonder...hmmmm, what kind of light bulb is that?  it looks a bit odd...not like any I use in my lamps or anything.  Then you look even closer and wonder, hmmmm, I've never seen that kind of piping on a cake before...then it HITS you!!! wow!!! it's a tiny, battery operated tea light candle!!!! decorated to be a cake!  it's so delicate.  so small.  HOW in the world did this person put such tiny piping of clay on this cake?  The bottom is a lace border, of course...easy enough.  Rhinestones glued at intervals around it...another easy call.  The sprinkles on tip are a type of sequin, placed strategically on top...yet another easy task, as well as the pre-made bisque roses that can be purchased at a craft store...but the piping around the did they do that?  it looks like a star tip, a reverse rope, to be specific. hmmmm, I'm gonna figure this out, I will...and when I do, I'm MAKING it, lol....actually, I think I'll prolly make one anyway, aren't they just too cute?  it obviously won't have the piping, but I'll come up with something!


Anonymous said...

Hey deb...I have seen these and they use plaster of paris for the piping. You can buy the small tips probley via the net somewhere. Good luck. Looks like something the dogs will highly

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