Thursday, September 9, 2010

Guess who stumbled across a VINTAGE Burberrys bag for 3 bucks?!

That's right...MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  It's actually a briefcase style bag, a little too wide at the bottom to be just a briefcase, maybe a weekender of some sort.  I'm having difficulty locating the print anywhere on the web.  It is DEFinitely authentic, the quality is SUPERB, the stitching is fanTAStic, the leather is exCEPtional, the hardware is quality brass (not that cheap crap, or painted stuff)! There's NO WAY this bag is not authentic.  It is definitely vintage, as it says 'Burberrys of London' 'Made in Italy' and Burberry dropped the 's' at the end in 1999...soooo, with that said, I've researched until my brain is fried, next step is to send it to Burberry itself for authentication...the prob there is, if I'm wrong (but I'm not), and it's not actually authentic, they won't send it back, I'll lose it, along with the $3.67 I paid for it, lol...and it's a GREAT bag, don't wanna lose it.  Is there anyone out there that knows VINTAGE Burberry?  Everything I research is all either vintage clothing/trench, and the Nova plaid/check and on current type bags...but nothing vintage, rare, or pre-trademark plaid.  Anyone know a good site to look at about vintage Burberrys?  believe me, I've been to everyone of them that Google has sent me to over the past 3 days, lol, no luck.  help???


ish said...

hi there,just happened to drop by. I spotted also a vintage burberry bag.looks old.but the quality is really good. it says "Burberrys" then there's the "real leather made in England" markings..looks real..dunno also how to spot a real one. But the bag itself is really made of good quality leather.

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