Thursday, August 26, 2010

No more bunny drama...maybe

So, remember me saying that there was only one baby bunny the other night?  Well, it was still there yesterday evening when I went down to help the oldest water.  But we also found a dead one, near the fence.  The one she 'claimed' as her imaginary pet was still there.  We wandered around the garden, weeding and such (well, I made HER weed, the youngest and the hubs) and the lil critter ran out of a hole in the fence that it HAD to have known ON the sprinkler went.  I don't know if it will come back, but the hole has to be fixed, plus found 2 others...I think we'll be re-enforcing the chickenwire with a thicker gauge wire for next year...I do NOT want a repeat of all this, I was ticked, 'cause they all PROMISED me that they'd taken care of the garden.  I expected that they wouldn't weed, I can hardly get them to do that w/a gun held to their head, but they were suppose to take anything they harvested that was rotten and throw it into the compost...didn't happen.  My garden was a mess, still is, just not as bad...I've gotta work on a new plan for next year.


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