Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tipsy Pots Tower Planters

These are so cool. I picked one up at the St. Louis Home and Garden Show last year, pd about 20 bucks for it, but I shouldn't have...they're way too easy to make! The only thing with mine is that it's not permanent, as it can be moved, and if you make it, the rebar goes into the ground, so it has to stay where you put it or all the pots will fall off. But aren't they cool? I just LOVE mine. I'm going to be planting phlox in the bottom pot this year, which I think I'll like alot better than the perennial succulents that I have in there now (they're not as colorful). Read the super easy step-by-step instructions on how to make one, all you need is a large pot, then subsequent smaller pots, and a long pc of rebar....that's it, well, the dirt and flowers or herbs or strawberries or whatever else you wanna plant, but that's the basics. If you have one or are gonna make one, take a pic and forward it, I'd love to see it!!! NO, I'm gonna plant some purle heather in the bottom, YES, that's it....I LOVE Mexican Purple Heather...gorgeous!


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