Sunday, April 18, 2010

Planted some garden

According to the online-version of Farmer's Almanac, my region was to have experienced the last frost on April 7...I don't know if I want to trust that date, though. It would be just my luck that I plant my mator plants and they'd get bit, wasting my time and effort, as well as money. So, with that, the girls and I planted a few things, but I'll hold off another week or so before I plant those. This is what I did plant: In bed #1, the green onions and yellow bulb onions went into the ground. In bed #4, one row of beets and 4 mounds of cucumbers went in. Then, the oldest wanted some jalapenos, and with no room in the garden plan for them, she's gonna have to grow them in pots. I'd gone to K-Mart the other day and they had their 6 pk flowers and garden plants for $1.89. So I picked up some flowers, but also a pk of jalapenos and Celebrity tomatoes. I gave one of my friends 2 of the jalapeno plants, but had the oldest plant 4 of them in 2 different planters...we shall see how well they do...I still feel that it's too early. The tomatoes I left on the front porch and will keep watered and safe until I feel it's time. The soil still feels a bit cool to me, and with that, I'm not so sure how well any of it will germinate. Also, the crappy topsoil that was delivered just has way too many clumps in it, not large clumps, but small ones, and they're hard as's taking forever to sift it out. As it is, I'm not sure how well the beets will turn out having to grow around clumps in the soil, they're probably going to be pretty malformed, lol. I also got under the back deck cleaned out, the hubs mowed and weedeated (which is an event all in itself, lol) and a stump got ground down and dirt put on top. Yes, we were going to the fence up around the garden this weekend, but I've got to make sure we do everything by the book. As it is, if they try to have me remove my garden, since I've already planted, we'll have a restraining order against them...but that won't happen. All the neighbor can do is complain (for no reason other than to whine, but that's what he does). So, I've got to call 1Call to get them to come out and mark any and all underground utilities/wires, etc. This will ensure that everything is by the, I went and found out how far away from the front road I can plant my lilac bush, so that will go in this coming weekend, as well. *sigh* it takes time, but it'll get done! mulched around another one of my rose bushes while I was at it, just another thing to check off my garden/yard to-do list, lol


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