Thursday, April 8, 2010

This is my the moment

Yep, this is it...this is the view of my garden from my back deck at the moment. You can see the tarped pile of fresh topsoil to the left. We had to cover it since it's rained about 3 times over the past week since it was would've been too wet and muddy deep inside the pile if we hadn't covered it (can you see the rut that the dump truck left? lol)s. That topsoil will be dispensed into those 4 raised beds this Saturday...planting of certain items well commence on Sunday. The fence and mulched pathways will follow...they must, as we have many deer that saunter and meander through our backyard in the evenings and I do NOT want my little garden to be a buffet for them...or the bunnies, lol. My girls and I have been planning and planning and I think we've gotten more seeds than are going to realistically going to fit in this little spot, but we're gonna do our best, with having a few things in pots along the edges, even, such as our strawberries. When I was young, it was easy to find someone doing yard work who needed and wanted a little help, even paying 20 or so bucks to the lucky teen that was chosen...nowadays, those teens aren't so easy to come by...but we'll manage. Will be mixing some bagged manure and even a little sand in with the topsoil as it's being dispensed, then will take my little tiller (it's little, lol, and it's MINE, I run it and it fits my hands just fine) and will mix it all in. I do everything the old fashion way, ya adding ashes to the dirt instead of buying the proper additive from the store, lol. The hubs says, 'I'll get it in there, and Sunday, you and the girls can do your thing, I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to gardens." We promptly told him that we will be teaching him and he WILL be out there with us working the garden this summer, lol. So...this is the BEFORE pic...and will be posting an AFTER pic once the dirt's all in, then will continue to post pics to show our little garden's progress.


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