Monday, March 22, 2010


*photo taken from Michael's Craft Store site

I've been making tags...little tags with a 'to/from' on the back in block style letters...and on the front, a stamp of a bird, bird's nest, stamp of a postage stame, etc. THEN I decorate it with some antiquing stamp pad ink, an embellishment here and there and viola...that's VI-O-LA, lol I haven't taken any pics yet, but here's some that was on the Michael's Craft Store web site...aren't they pretty? Here's the supplies and instructions that you'll need to make your OWN tags...and use your imagination and the embellishments that you have on-hand or pick up the embellishments that YOU like verses what the supplies list suggest...then, send us a pic so we can see too :)


craft papers of your choice; a variety sticky crystal dots;

paper flowers (stickers or glue dots to adhere); paper leaves to go w/the flowers;

antique stamp ink (or you can stain it with tea); sticker letters or stamp letters;

ribbon to match paper; adhesive (glue, glue dots, dbl side tape, etc);

scissors and/or paper trimmer hole punch;


Cut paper 2 1/4" X 4 1/2". Layer flowers and embellishments, adhere to tag...tuck leaves in and adhere. Add letter stickers/stamps to say what you want it to...don't forget to do a to/from stamp on the back if it's a gift tag. Punch a hole and loop ribbon through (you can staple the ribbon down, but it may not look so good, lol).


Use 2 tags made of coordinating papers, one a bit smaller than the the smaller on top of the larger.

Use actual vintage papers from old ledgers, diary pages, lined pad paper...or vintage sheet music or book pages for the back tag.

Just use your imagination and experiment, they're fun and super easy to make!!!


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