Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Silk dyed Easter eggs

Photo taken from MarthStewart.com

Aren't these Easter eggs beautiful????! My girls and I are going to do this with our own eggs this year...probably over the weekend (I'll post pics afterward). I'd heard about it, but didn't really know how to do it, and then I saw it last year (AFTER Easter, of course...my luck) on the Martha Stewart Show. I've been collecting 100% silk ties and scarves over the past year with bright colors and designs and geometric shapes...picking them up here and there for 69 and 99 cents at the Salvation Army, Goodwill, yard sales, and other used clothing places. I think I've finally got enough. You can watch a video about them on the Martha Stewart website, along with her more detailed instructions. Here's how to make them so that YOU can try it too:


raw eggs
glass or enamel pot
pcs of 100% silk (cut up ties and blouses, scarves, boxer shorts, etc), pcs should be large enough
to cover an egg & secured
squares of undyed cotton or pieces of old white sheets, pillowcases, tablecloths etc..large enough
to cover the silk covered eggs and secured
twist ties
3 tbls white vinegar
warm water
tongs or spoons
cooling rack
vegetable oil
paper towels


1. Cut silk into pieces large enough to wrap around a raw egg

2. TIGHTLY wrap an egg with a pc of silk, making sure that the printed side of the material is facing the egg, not facing out! secure it with a twist tie.

3. Place the silk wrapped egg in a pc of undyed cotton and secure it tightly with a twist tie, as well.

4. Place eggs in an enamel or glass pot filled with enough water to cover the eggs completely. Add three tbls of white vinegar to the water.

5. Bring water to a boil, turn head down and simmer for approximately 40 min.

6. Remove eggs from water with tongs/spoon, place on cooling rack and let cool completely.

7. Remove the cotton and silk from the colored egg.

8. (optional) if you'd like your eggs to be a bit more shiny, with with a paper towel dabbed in vegetable oil.

9. Display and enjoy...don't forget to take pictures because they're SURE to be beautiful!

*note: Martha's crew says that the pcs of silk material can be reused multiple times to dye eggs...so you can make another batch and/or save your pcs for the following year!!!


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