Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thrifty Finds Thursdays! Here's what I found this week!

You know me, I'm always out and about, looking under rocks, fallen trees, and such, lol for a great deal or bargain.  Here's a few more that I've picked up over the past couple of weeks that I thought I'd share with ya'll:
Ok, this one is about 15" tall, & the most expensive at $17, but I still thought she was SOOO worth it (oh, that's a leaf down where the hoo-haw would be, lol...just sayin', in case you think it's something else)

OMG, I LOOOOVE this one...I only paid, get this....39 cents for it!! seriously!! It's about 6" tall, ALL hand painted, including the 14 karat gold, I couldn't believe it was only 39 cents, but yep, that's all I paid for it!!

I paid just $1 for this 3 pc set of vintage prints with wooden, gilded, vintage round frames...I'm a sucker for vintage prints, lol

Ok, this one, you just may NOT believe...can you guess what it is??? it's McCoy!! not one of the oldest, but still McCoy. It does have one small 'character' chip on the rim...but I picked it up for a SONG at our church rummage sale...can you guess how much I paid for it??? all out of guesses...25 cents!! lol yep, only a quarter!!

now, my FAVorite piece!! again, I picked it up at our church rummage sale last weekend.  A very old print.  Wavy glass, old, gilded, carved frame...just $2!!  that's it, 2 bucks!!
Ok, it's Thrifty Finds Thursday...what great thrifty finds did YOU find this week???? share with us, we'd LOVE to see!


Kelsey said...

Looks like you snagged some goodies!! I haven't been out for awhile on a hunt but I need too!

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