Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Check out the GORGEOUS Milk Glass I picked up on the cheap!!

I love milk glass...but not just any old milk glass, like all those same ole same ole vases that you see, you know the ones I'm talking about.  No, I like the ones that are different, that aren't necessarily rare (can't afford THOSE babies, lol), but that aren't necessarily common to find.  Like these:

Now, the top one, without the frog, I see a lot at thrifty stores and yard sales.  But WITH the flower frog??? very rarely do I find one of these that still has the glass flower frog with it.  Guess how much I pd for that baby??? guess!!!  $1.39!! seriously!! a buck and 39 coins, that's IT!!  Now, how about that huge,, would you call it an urn??? flower pot??  compote of some sort???  I dunno, but I only paid $1.49 for that one, and it's HEAVY!

I like to stop in at obscure, out of the way places, they generally have the cheaper finds.  But THIS baby:

It appears to be a hand painted ginger jar? canister?  I can't tell if it was suppose to have a lid or not.  It's marked Bavaria, Germany, and the flowers (Lavender, of course) are hand pained on both sides.  It has an art deco feel within the mold itself.  I found that at a VERY prominent, HUGE, antiques mall here in St. Louis, stuck in a little corner, people passing it by, until I saw her...shining with a halo above her, lol.  I only paid $2 for it!!! yep, just $2!! I couldn't believe it.  I made my husband carry it around instead of taking it up and sitting it on the counter for them to hold while we continued to shop...I was afraid someone might get it confused or something and let someone else take her, lol (I'm paranoid that way, lol).  You can see some of my vintage flower frog collection next to it.  The orange iridescent one to the left above the rare blue ceramic one, I picked up on another day, but at the same antiques shop, and pd $3.25 for it!! :)  things and DEALS like that, make me all warm and fuzzellly inside, lol.

What kind of great deals and steals have YA'LL found lately??? I'd LOVE to hear about them!


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