Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Posts I owe some of my readers

I know, I know...I owe so many various posts to my readers and pals.  I WILL catch up to them, truly I will.  Correct me if I'm wrong, or leave me a comment if you want me to add to this list, lol.

A few posts that I owe:

  • A VLOG that my pal, Kelsey, asked for about decorating a pillar candle with tissue paper or a napkin
  • My dear old pal, Angie, has requested a post about the essentials for an emergency kit and stockpile 
  • A few other people who may not want to be named, would like me to do a few posts on 'light' prepping (basically, doing a little bit of prepping without going hardcore like those on the TLC show)..kind of ties in to the post my pal, Angie, would like to see
  • An update on my front porch (I've not had time to finish the porch, just doing a little here and there to help it along)
  • A post on the craft fair I prepared for and participated in at the beginning of the month, and how those products are now in the window of a small shop on display (for sale, of course)

did I miss any?  if so, let me know, I'll update the list :)

  • oh, I'll also do a small post on the 4 tiered wedding cake I'll be making in June for Angie's daughter's wedding (yays, Hannah, I'm talking about you on a blog, you're FAMOUS, girl! lol), along with the 50 mini cupcakes and large Grooms cake...and all the long hours her mother and I have been putting in planning the wedding, creating the florals, and so much more (her mother more so than myself, that's for sure...'hang in there, Ang...remember, this, too, shall pass!...eventually, lol)


Glenda said...

My question is do you have time to sleep through all of this? I must say I Love your blog it is too cute and reminds me of something my daughter would have liked. Once you are all caught up would you like to do a guest post on
Mommies Point of View? Thanks and have a terrific day and Congrats to the Bride and Groom and the two ladies helping there dreams come through.

Debbie Hewitt said...

Glenda, I have NO idea where I find the time, rofl. Between Lavender Cove, Thrifty & Frugal by Debbie, my family, home, pets, big garden, weekly dr appointments, and my crafty stuff, I sometimes ponder where I find the minutes in the day, but somehow, I do :)
I'd LOVE to guest post on Mommies Point of View sometime. What shall I rant and rave about? hmmm

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