Friday, April 15, 2011

My Basil harvest of 2010

I love the smell of I grew at least 5 varieties last year, and have started about 7 or so varieties for this year.  Below is the picture of the dried and bagged seed harvest of my basil plants from last year.  I think it's safe to say I have plenty of basil seeds, lol...especially since each tiny pod holds no less than 2 tiny black seeds, with some holding up to 5!  If you're in need of some basil seeds, let me know...maybe we can do a seed swap or something.

I have Boxwood, Lemon, Thai, Cinnamon, and SOME reg. Sweet Basil.
This year, I'm adding Spiced Globe and Licorice!
You've heard how marigolds among your plants help to keep the bugs away, but did you know that basil does an even BETTER job?  The marigolds work from the roots, not the greens or flowers, so they help keep those kinds of bugs that like bore, or head for the root and such, but BASIL will help keep your garden smelling WONDERFUL, AND once mature, will keep the mosquitos to a minimum for while you're working in the garden in the evenings, plus many other bugs.  I planted a gorgeous boxwood basil about every 2 feet along the outside of my raised bed on both sides of the tomato bed....and you know what?  we had NO bugs in our garden AT ALL!  none, zilch, and only occassionally had to swat a mostiquito...the basil works perfect.  Also, keep a pot of basil growing outside on or near your patio, for when you entertain, to help keep the mostiquitos away (or even a small pot sitting in the center as a centerpiece).


Corner Gardener Sue said...

I'm glad I made it here to learn the bug repellent property of basil. I have more basils coming up inside than usual. I have been thinking about putting some in the new front yard bed I am going to have. There is a built in sitting area where our tree used to be that had to be cut down. I'll put some around there. I am also thinking about planting some asparagus and patio tomato plants, but don't tell my husband.

Debbie Hewitt said...

Well, basils are GREAT as the bug deterents, but unfortunately, they're considered annuals, so unless you live in a warm-around-the-calendar climate, then you'll have to make sure to harvest seeds and regrow in the spring, or plant them in pots, set them in the ground, and pull the pots out and bring them indoors when it starts getting cool out. I LOVE the smells of all the different basils, mmmmmmmm, they all smell so different. Some, don't even smell like a basil, it's amazing! I've been wanting to have an asparagas bed, too, but haven't done so yet.

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