Sunday, January 9, 2011

So, it's January...if you're a gardener, then you know what THAT means!

(2010's garden plan)

Time for seed catalogs!  They've been coming in, along with Herb FAVE!  It also means time to start planning my garden.  I've been 'promised' 4 new raised beds this year with the fence to be expanded around it...we'll see if this so-called 'promise' actually takes place or if it was just a pseudo promise, took me 4 years to get this garden built, lol it's liable to take 4 more years to get it added on to.  But anyhoo, lots of work to do for the garden:
  • get rid of the grass in the walkways,
  • carpet roll the walkways and put woodchips on it (tired of having to beg to get it mowed! ugh!)
  • build the lattice tee pees for the mator plants
  • decide where to plant what for the rotation
  • get basil seeds sowed in cups (and remember to tend to them, lol)
The peppers didn't do well this year.  I planted them at the end of the tomato bed...between the tomatoes, of course, I planted my basil.  ya'll, this is THE best fix for no bugs in your garden...BASIL!  ANY kind of basil.  I had NO bugs, literally NO bugs, NO fugly lil worms, no yucky crawly things (other than bunnies), in my garden beds at all this year and I praise the BASIL for that!  So, no more pepper plants in the mator beds.  We grew melons, but they weren't all that tasty, so I dunno if I'll do any this year.  The cucumbers were glorious.  I used upturned tomato cages for them to climb that really helped alot by keeping them off the ground....they'd grow up, then drape down over the top fo the cage, and THEN it would spread across the ground, so it kept most of the cuke plant off the ground and out fo the walkways.  I need to start working on my garden chart to get all this figured out.


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