Sunday, January 23, 2011

A plan for a stone paver patio by the garden...

Last year, we had a neighbor that (not the hateful one, lol) decided to move out of state, they're since going to move back, but prior to leaving, they gave me their iron and glass top patio table.  These are so nice to have, to sit out with a glass of lemonade or wine and just enjoy the outdoors.  We already have one of the tall glass top bar height tables on the back deck, so it got me thinking.  Right now, we have it sitting at the side of the house.  I think there's a new plan a-brewing in my head.  It will require some leveling of some grassy land (not much), putting a hedge-fence up in front of the compost bin (needs to be done anyway), and laying some pavers down, filling in the pace w/some sand...and viola!  a patio at the edge of the garden will be born!  right next to my rose hedge (divine!!), and YES, by bestie got me a fire pit for Christmas, so that will be the PERfect spot for it!!  I'll be drawing up the new plans for it in the coming weeks and will post it for all to having it in those types of plans, somehow it makes it seem like it's more likely to come to fruition, ya know what I mean? 

You can find the below photos at

Isn't THESE garden patios be lovely?  I could SO pull this off if I had a pergola...which I could SO pull THAT off, as well, lol

If you're in the mood to check out some garden, patio, pathway, and more designs and ideas, check some out here.  Their projects are super easy to follow and understand.  Get inspired and DO something to your yard this year.  If you don't have a yard, redecorate your entry way or SOMEthing new this year!!

See how easy it is to transform a simple balcony?  Do it the thrifty way and start shopping now at thrift stores and Goodwills and such, you could SO do it on the cheap.  Plus, do it with stuff you already have!

What about your screened-in porch, patio, carport, etc.?  If you don't have a patio, but one of those instead, try something new with that, as well.

the KEY is to make the space YOURs...because that's what it is!!

and then don't forget about YOUR garden!!!
We have a hillside in our far backyard that is ALways wet and soggy in the makes it very difficult for the hubs to maneuver his yard tractor.  The grass that gets cut comes up in huge soggy I had the bright idea a few years ago of a dry (not-so-much) creek bed to run down the hill.  We've yet to do it, but the pic below would be wonderful to have.

LOOOK at this WONderful veggie and herb garden!! it's BEAUtiful!!!

No yard?  no optimal growing conditions?  no time to take care of a garden?  whatever the reason, how about trying a ROCK garden!

(can you tell I'm totally addicted to's photo galleries, lol)


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